Welcome to the Fausack/Fausak Family Website

This website will be down for revisions for a short time (hopefully just a day or two),  but will soon return to serve as a repository for data, information, images, and maps about the Fausack/Fausak families who have lived in central and eastern Europe since the 1400s and in North America since the late 1800s.

The oldest spellings of the surname were Vausack and Fausack; the Vausack variant has not been seen in records since the early 1900s, while the Fausack name still exists in Germany.  The Fausak variant arose in Russian Poland during the 100 year period from about 1818 to 1920, and can be found today in Germany, Canada, and the United States.

The site will include information about related familes named Hein/Heine, Fehlauer/Fehlau/Felauer, Mielke, Redmann, Winter, Graf/Graff, Rennspies/Renn, Kunkel, Kretschmann, Schenke/Schinke, Golnik, Müller, Buchholz, Tiese/Thiese, Reimer/Riemer, Meyer/Meier/Maier, and many others.