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601 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I806)
602 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I406)
603 Stueber existence and marriage is inferred from the 1930 census records, which list Robert and Louisa Kretschmann living in Bayonne City NJ, and also lists a grandchild Frederick Stueber. It is assumed that the child is the son of Robert and Louisa's daughter, Lydia. STEUBER, Frederick William (I4061)
604 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2764)
605 Surname in "Germany, Brandenburg and Posen, Church Book Duplicates, 1794-1874" database is shown as Lausack; we are assuming because of the time and place that her surname is Fausack, but that assumption needs verification. FAUSACK, Agnes Maria (I11986)
606 Surname is Sibert on birth records of daughter Dorothea. SIEVERT, Johann (I5964)
607 Surname spelled VAUSACK in the Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 database. FAUSACK, Christian Julius (I5869)
608 Surname spelled VAUSACK in the Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 database. FAUSACK, Marie Dorothea (I5929)
609 Surname spelled VAUSACK in the Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 database. FAUSACK, Maria Dorothea Sophia Gottlieb (I7726)
610 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I407)
611 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I412)
612 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I519)
613 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I408)
614 Telcon 05.26.2000. LENTZ, Harold (I1978)
615 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1187)
616 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I367)
617 The 1920 census records shows her name as May, her birthplace as Russia, and her year of immigration as 1902 (same as Gustav). That information appears to be incorrect, and may have been misrecorded by the census taker.

Her marriage record in 1918 also shows her name as May, but shows her as a US citizen.

The 1930 census shows Mary's birthplace as New Jersey, and her parent's birthplaces also as New Jersey.

Her Social Security application, filled out in her own hand in 1972 at the age of 73, shows her printed and signed name as Mary. Her SS number was 143-14-6599; when she applied for a SS account on 7 July 1972, she resided at 222 14th Street, Wood Ridge NJ 07075.

Mary was a life-long Catholic, and some of the children were baptised in the Catholic Church. 
QUINN, Mary Elizabeth (I278)
618 The 1930 federal census shows the family at 964 Hoboken Street, North Bergen NJ; the family comprised William (32) and Lydia (31), their daughters Norma (4) and Gertrude (3), and brother in law Frank Fausak. Daughter Lydia Henriette is not shown. BUGGELN, William Valentine (I99)
619 The date and place of marriage are based on oral history. The marriage record is not found in the churchbook (duplicates) for Walsleben in 1817,where it would most probably have been recorded. Family F2585
620 The death record from 1745 is ambiguous. It reads only: "H[err] Fausacken aus Gandow 85 Jahr den 17. Januar gestorben", or "Mr. Fausack of Gandow died at age 85 on 17 January [1745]". Joachim Fausack is the best possibility known at this time, but may prove to be incorrect. FAUSACK, Jochim (I2737)
621 The first mention of this Johann Fausak and Elisabeth Graf was in the marriage record of their daughter Francizska Fausak to Heinrich Tober in Kazun Polaski, Poland in 1830. The first records of the Fausak surname in Poland were from emigration records in 1818, when Johann Michael Fausak and his wife Charlotte Louise Graf and their family emigrated from the Neustadt area of Prignitz, Brandenburg to central Poland (mainly near Zakroczym and Galachy on the north bank of the Vistula River). We therefore assume that Johan and Elisabeth were also born in Brandenburg and eigrated to Poland around 1818. Family F508
622 The first witness is Anna Fausak, 72 years old, midwife; other witnesses were Gottlieb Schweitzer age 28 and Michael Treichel age 30. The mother Karolina Redmann is shown as single and father unknown. Godparents were Karl Fausak and Amalie Redmann.  REDMANN, Alexander (I16377)
623 The Harthaus family was reported to own bakery in Jersey City, for which many of the Fausaks worked for a time. Harold W. Fausak reported in 1996 that the Harthaus bakery still existed. SCHELLHORN, Martha (I554)
624 The marriage date shown was the planned date. Family F2003
625 The marriage is also listed in Georg Grünberg's book "Traueregister aus den ältesten Kirchenbüchern der Westprignitz".  
626 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I287)
627 The marriage registration for Edmund and Adele is one of nine missing records from the Nowy Dwor parish churchbook of 1912. The marriage does appear in the index as entry number 27 (of 37), so they apparently were married in the fall of 1912. Family F201
628 The marriage was recorded in Book IV of St. Matthew's records, but the entry was undated. A copy of the marriage record was obtained in 2004; that document definitively shows the marriage date as 10 Nov 1906. Edward was 21 years old and Rosina was 18. Witnesses at the marriage were Otto Fausak (presumed to be Adolf Fausak) and Carl Wittlieb. At the time of the marriage, Edward resided at 180 Warren Street, Jersey City NJ, and Rosina resided at 132 Dudley Street, Jersey City NJ. Family F13
629 The name is sometimes spelled Kelm, but is shown as Kolm on birth record of Leopold in 1884 (written in Russian with names also in Polish). Her gravestone in Tarchomin shows Louisa Kolm.

Death record in Russian on LDS film 1197513, no. 62, page 134R.

Louise's grave (and others) in Tarchomin was visited and photographed by LF, HF, and LM in August 2001. 
KOLM, Louise (I845)
630 The register entry number (198) is crossed out, and the word Bolehagen? is written in front. The entry number was re-assigned to another child later in the list. MEIER, Carl Albert Adolph (I5878)
631 The register entry number (199) is crossed out, and the word Bolehagen? is written in front. MEIER, Rosa Helena Ernestine (I5879)
632 The surname Olearius = Oelschlager. OLEARIUS, Paul Carl Otto (I7780)
633 There is a Hans Faustsack recorded in the Prignitz-Kataster of 1686-1687. Because there are no other Hans Fausacks known at that time, it is provisionally assumed that the Hans in the Prignitz-Kataser is the same as the Hans that was recorded to have married Gisel Burchard in 1681. Hans Faustsack was a farmer with a full-sized farm (a Hüfner) in the village of Gandow, about 3 km southeast of Lenzen. Gandow was part of the holdings of the von Quitzow family of Eldenburg and Hans is presumed to have been a vassal or fuedal tenant of that family. Gandow at that time had no church, and residents attended church in Lenzen. The other fullholders in Gandow in 1686-1687 were Gürgen Havelandt, Jochim Prole, Peter Daniel, Jochim Meves, Hans Lente, Claus Königk, Jochim Gewert, and Andreas Köhne. FAUSACK, Hans (I2742)
634 There is a record on LDS film 70608 of the death at the age 39 of Carl Otto Paul Olearius in Berlin on 23 Apr 1866; this may be the same person as Paul Carl Otto. OLEARIUS, Paul Carl Otto (I7780)
635 There was a Michael Felauer (without H) listed in the Social Security Death Index (SS# 145-05-0408), born 3 Dec 1894 and died in New Jersey in Sep 1982. His application requested (June 2000). FEHLAUER, Michael (I658)
636 There was another John Pastrick at the age of 37 recorded in the 1930 census in Benton Harbor MI. His wife was Tillie, age 33, and their children were Albert, Alice, Dorothy, and Violet. PASTRICK, Johann (I4999)
637 There was at least one other Albert Emil Fausak, born to Carl and Anna Fausak in 1908; all lived in Jersey City NJ.

This Albert Emil was recorded to have married Helen at the age of 26 in 1939 at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Jersey City, NJ.

Albert visited Germany in 1928 with his parents and sister Bertha. His mother was ill and wanted to visit Germany; while there she become more ill and had to return to US for operation; diagnosed as cancer and died in 1930.

While in Germany, Albert (at about 16 years of age) was best man at his uncle Albert's wedding. They visited Louisa nee Hein Fausak on a farm near Gross Muschaken and he has photographs of that time.

He recalls that Dorf Muschaken was closer to Allenstein than to Neidenberg. That subsequently was found to be incorrest; Muschaken (now Muszaki) is located a few miles due east of Niedenburg (now Nidzica, Poland).

Albert was an executive for Mrs. Smith's Pies for some time. 
FAUSAK, Albert Emil (I301)
638 This individual is a placeholder for the father of Johann Michael and Friedrich. FAUSACK, _____ (I1036)
639 This info based on recollections in the cemetery of Ludwig Müller in May 2000; no documentation was known at that time, although her grave is in Tarchomin, Poland next to Fausak and Müller graves. The grave has a large headstone but no inscription or other identifying informtion; Ludwig Müller understood it from his childhood in Swidry to be baby Louise Fausak. FAUSAK, Louise (I1970)
640 This may be the same Bernhard Fausack (i6203) listed in the Berlin Adressbucher in 1924-1943. FAUSACK, Bernhard (I11363)
641 This person is a placeholder for several people with names Fousack, or Fowsack, or Ffauzak, or possibly Voysack, who were reported to have lived in several towns in southern Mecklenburg near the Brandenburg border in the 1400s and 1500s. The research is reported in:

Witte, Hans (1906). Wendische Zu- und Familiennamen, pp 153-290 in Jahrbücher des Vereins für Mecklenburgische Geschichte und Altertumskunde, Band 71, 1906 (available online in 2014 at http://mvdok.lbmv.de/resolve/id/mvdok_document_00003396). 
FOUSACK, _____ (I14607)
642 Tom Maier was founder of Riata Ranch in Exeter CA, where he trained young women to ride and do tricks. He co-authored a book entitled "Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls" in 2001. He was a Hollywood stunt rider and rodeo performer.

The following is an except from 2003 Rose Bowl Parade program:
Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls (#59)

The Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls are an elite team of western performance artists who have performed in 27 states, 17 countries and on four continents. Riata Ranch offers a multi-dimensional program of horsemanship, showmanship and character development for young ladies. Their accomplishments over the years include a variety of state and national championships and 29 major rodeo queen contest winners. The U.S. government named the Riata girls the "Official Goodwill Ambassadors on Horseback."

Riding eight Appaloosas and paints, the girls wear custom red, white and blue western attire and use authentic Moroe Veach and N. Porter trick riding saddles made in the 1930-40s. This is the group's fifth year in the Rose Parade. This year they dedicate their appearance to the founder and creator of Riata Ranch, Tommy Maier who passed away earlier this year. Legendary horseman, western humanitarian and master cowboy, Maier received the prestigious Will Rogers Lifetime achievement award weeks before he died.

According to the biographical bits of "Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls", Tom's family moved to a farm near Jamestown ND when he was six years old (1934); at that time he spoke only German. By 1941 "the depression had claimed their farm and the Maiers fell on desparate times." Twelve year old Tom and an eighteen year old neighbor, Gene Holder, left home and headed for Los Angeles. Both got involved with providing stock for the movie industry, and later Tom went on the rodeo circuit. Around 1956, Tom was in an auto accident that left him with a crushed knee and an ended rodeo career. He began the Riata Ranch in Exeter CA about that time and stayed with that until his death. 
MAIER, Thomas A. (I218)
643 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I86)
644 Twin boy lived 4.5 hours after birth; birth at seven months. MEYER, (Unnamed Twin Girl) (I164)
645 Twin girl lived 4.5 hours after birth; birth at seven months. MEYER, (Unnamed Twin Boy) (I163)
646 Twin of Mildred; both died within 1 week of each other when they were 13 years old. Lorraine died of a heart ailment (non-congential), and Mildred died a week later of a strep infection. FAUSAK, Lorraine (I84)
647 Two photographs of Emma were in the possession of K.Jesswein in 1996; they were from Amalie's estate. One photograph was simply annoted as Amalie and Emma Fehlauer; it appears to be circa turn of the century era and Emma appears to be younger than Amalie. Both are dressed in black.

The second photo is an undated postcard showing Emma in middle age, and was labeled "Emma Hildebrandt (Ma's sister)". The card was not stamped or mailed but was annotated Wesermünde, a city that apparently only existed between 1927 and 1939. in 1927 the city of Geestemünde and other nearby municipalities were combined into Wesermünde, which was then merged into Bremerhaven; Wesermünde was destroyed in WWII.

Emma Hildebrand is also noted as a surviving sister in the obituary of her brother Carl Fehlauer in 1950.

Emma Hildebrandt signed an Assignment of Interest document for the Berrien County (MI) Probate Court on 5 Apr 1951, at which time she resided at Sandstedt 16 -Wesermunde, Germany (English Zone). 
FEHLAUER, Emma (I784)
648 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3417)
649 Unmarried 1996 BEVERS, Steven (I621)
650 Unmarried as of 1955 when her mother died. The Ellis Island entry record is not distinct, but may show Gtrete as a stepdaughter, explaining the 11 year age difference. RITZ, Margaret (I5169)
651 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I810)
652 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I565)
653 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I875)
654 Wanda is known (in 2001) first from her Ellis Island entry papers (name spelled Fausach). She arrived in New York on 10 July 1911 at the age of 19, along with her older brother Gottlieb. They came aboard the Niew Amsterdam sailing on 1 July 1911. Her father is shown as Ludwig Fausak of Blendowo, Russia, and her destination as her uncle Ludwig Fausak at 133 Morris Street, Jersey City NJ. She was decribed as 5' tall, with fair complexion, brown hair, and gray eyes.

Wanda is believed to have died when young (age not known). 
FAUSAK, Wanda (I2719)
655 We know of Eva mostly through oral family history passed on to LF from the Fausak family in Plettenburg, Germany in 1998. We are told that Ewa's son Emil was illigitimate, but that her father was named Johann.

Family lore suggests that Emil may have been a natural child to Ewa, fathered out of wedlock by a neighboring farmer for whom Ewa worked. It is conceivable that Ewa never married, and that Johann may have been her father, or brother, or another close relative, who took Ewa and the child in care.

According to the recollections of Ewa's grandson Karl in 2000, Johann, Ewa, and Emil fled (or were forcibly moved by the Russians) to the Saratov area (on the Volga River) during World War I. Ewa returned to Pomocna in 1918 to find their house destroyed; they (Ewa and Emil) were said to have lived in a cave for while until accommodations were arranged. There was no recollection of Johann having returned to Pomocna; he may have died in Russia.

Eva's age is assumed based only on the birthdate of her son. Her relationship to Johann Fausak and Anna nee Ziegner is speculative and may not be correct. Of the other possibilities for Johann Fausak, Johann Friedrich Fausak (*1828) apparently died before 1856 and was not likely to have been Eva's father. There was a Johann born in 1840 to Johann and Anna nee Redmann, who could have been Eva's father.

Ewa apparently left the Lutheran Church and joined the Brudergemeinde, a denomination to which her ancestors in Plettenburg still belong. 
FAUSAK, Ewa (I115)
656 When she was married about 1906 at the age of 18 to Edward Fausak, she resided at 132 Dudley St., Jersey City NJ. She lived at that same address in 1900, when she is shown in the census records with her family.

Her son Edward (conv. w/LEF Jan 97) believes that she was born in Jersey City, and certainly in the United States, in 1888. 
WITTLIEB, Rosine (Rose) Antonie (I264)
657 Witness at the age of 57 for the death of Michael Pusch (at the age of 47) in Gorny Popiezlyn, Russian Poland. BUCHHOLZ, Michael (I9697)
658 Witness were Ludwig Look at age 44 and Johann Hein at age 63. Godparents were Ludwig Fausak and Ewa Zimm(?). RENNSPIES, Robert (I1180)
659 Witness, along with Johann Fausak, at marriage of another Johann Fausak and Anna Ziegner (sp. Ziginger), Nasielsk parish, 10 Oct 1849. HINKELMANN, Heinrich (I1058)
660 Witnesses at baptism: Jungfrau Louise Friescke, worker Ropnack, Frau Wernicke geb. Blum, bachelor Ferdinand Schlunk, and Frau Elert geb. Hingst. PETSCH, Wilhelmine Louise Auguste (I7796)
661 Witnesses at birth registration were father Julius Kretschmann at age 35, Johann Maron(?) at age 36, and Johann Treichel(?) at age 34. Sponsors were Martin Pletz and Emma(?) Krestchmann.

Entered US in 1903 with mother Anna aboard SS Albano sailing from Hamburg 31 March 1903. Sponsor was shown as Anna's husband Julius Kretschmann of Bergen NJ. 
KRETSCHMANN, Leokadia (I3412)
662 Witnesses at birth registration were Karl Fausak at age 43 and Samuel Kittlitz at age 41. LOOK, Eduard (I1962)
663 Witnesses at birth were Jan Fausak (age 26) and Henryk Hinkelmann (age 24); godparents were Jan Fausak and Emelia Strauch. Name was spelled Cygner. SIKINGER, Ludwig (I1060)
664 Witnesses at birth were Johann Fausak and Michael Treychel; sponsors were Johann Fausak and Rozalia Treychel. WOLFSCHLAGER, Elzbieta (I1173)
665 Witnesses at birth: Johann Fausak and Martin Pletz. Godparents: Ludwig Freymuth and Ewa Senf. FREIMUTH, Leopold (I4869)
666 Witnesses at birth: Johann Fausak and Martin Pletz. Godparents: Ludwig Freymuth and Helena Look. TREICHEL, Ludwig (I4864)
667 Witnesses at birth: Johann Fausak and Michael Redmann. Godparents: Johann Fausak and Rozalia Medik?. TREICHEL, Eufrosine (I4878)
668 Witnesses at birth: Johann Fausak and Michal Treichel. Godparents: Johann Fausak and Eufrozyna Maron. WOLFSCHLAGER, Karl (I1172)
669 Witnesses at birth: Johann Schweitzer and Johann Fausak. Godparents: Johann Schweitzer and Anna Fausak. LOOK, Ludwig Johann (I4847)
670 Witnesses at birth: Julius Fausak and Adam Look. Baptismal sponsors: Julius Fausak and Emilie Look.  LOOK, Emilie Wanda (I1232)
671 Witnesses at birth; Johann Fausak at age 43 and Ludwig Freymuth at age 31. Godparents: Johann Fausak and Julianna Freymuth. TREICHEL, Michael (I4863)
672 Witnesses at christening were _____ Winkel, August Plötz (son of Ludwig Plötz), and August Wensch (?). FAUSACK, Marie Auguste (I7792)
673 Witnesses at christening:
1. Caspar Pohlman
2. Christian Fausack
3. Louise Stahl
4. _____ Stahl 
BUCHHOLZ, Franz (I5915)
674 Witnesses at christening: Anna Wolff, Wilhelmine Feul, _____ Kruger, Franz Kruger, and Carl Simon. FAUSACK, Anna Auguste Wilhelmine (I7800)
675 Witnesses at christening: Ferdinand Wolff, August Wenger, Friedrich Scherler (?), August Kruger, and Ulrike Feul?. FAUSACK, Auguste Emilie (I7794)
676 Witnesses at christening: Johann Wagnitz, Karl Wagnitz, and Wilhelmine? Vogler geb Behm. KRUGER, Hermann Carl Ludwig (I7775)
677 Witnesses at christening: Ludwig Laudahn, Hermann Wagnitz, Maria Rober? geb. Falkenberg. KOPPEN, Carl Heinrich Theodor (I7779)
678 Witnesses at death were Heinrich Götz, age 60 (*1812) and Friedrich Götz, age 50 (*1822). The spelling of her maiden name was transliterated from poorly written Russian script is not certain, but Chodkowski is a surname that is found in the German community near Nasielsk. She is shown to be the daughter of Ferdinand Chodkowski, and survived by her husband Ludwig Fausak, but he (unusually) does not appear as a witness; no children or other relatives are named. Presumably Ludwig was away, or ill, or otherwise unavailable. ZUKOWSKI, Ewa Catherine (I2759)
679 Witnesses at death were Johann Hein at age 38 (therefore *1824) and Johann Sikinier (Zeigner?) at age 28 (therefore *1834). FAUSAK, Louisa (I1022)
680 Witnesses at death were Michael Treichel and Johann Heffler. The terminology is unclear, but appears to say that Martin was three quarters (trzy kwartala) old (presumably 9 months?). The year 1855 was the peak of the Great Cholera Epidemic. Parents clearly shown as Johann and Anna nee Redmann. FAUSAK, Martin (I1008)
681 Witnesses at death: Johann Schweitzer and Johann Fott. He was shown as one and one half year old, and shows his parents as Jan Fausak, farmhand, and Krystyna nee Reichertów. FAUSAK, Jacob (I999)
682 Witnesses at death: Samuel Schultz and Michael Buchholtz PUSCH, Emelia (I1045)
683 Witnesses: Friedrich? Bartel; Carl Wagnitz?, _____Feul? (latter possibly born Fausack in Werder?). KRUGER, Franz Carl Ludwig (I7891)
684 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I439)
685 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I578)
686 «b»Henry Dixon«/b»

Henry Monroe Dixon, who retired from Southern Railway after more than 50 years, died Sunday at a health-care facility in Daphne. He was 96.

Dixon, a native of Lucedale, Miss., was a longtime resident of Mobile.

He was a member of St. John's Episcopal Church, where he was a member of the vestry, serving as senior and junior warden. He also served on the board at Wilmer Hall.

Survivors include his wife of 69 years, Gertrude Merifield Dixon; three daughters, Connie McLean, Jean Fausak and Lucy Weinstein, all of Mobile; and three grandchildren.

A graveside service is set for 1 p.m. Wednesday in Pine Crest Cemetery. Radney Funeral Home on Dauphin Street is handling arrangements.

Memorials may be made to St. John's Episcopal Church. 
DIXON, Henry Monroe (I3427)

The Jersey Journal«/b»
Monday, September 19, 2005
Services for Jean (Jaworowski) Lloyd, 96, of North Bergen, will be Wednesday at 11 a.m. at Vainieri Funeral Home, North Bergen.

She died Saturday at Harborage Nursing Home, North Bergen.«/b»

Born in Jersey City, Lloyd was a lifelong North Bergen resident. She was a homemaker. Surviving are a son, Joseph; two daughters, Alice Fausak and Jan Moshiri; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. 
JAWOROWSKI, Jean (I5210)
688 «b»ROSE FERRARI, 92

Magician with needle and thread traveled the world«/b»

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Rose Ferrari, described by her family as a doting mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, died Sunday in her Dongan Hills home, surrounded by her family, after a short illness. She was 92 years old.

Born Rose Riggi in Manhattan, she moved to Dongan Hills with her family when she was 13, and continued to live in the home that her father built.

She was a parishioner of St. Ann's R.C. Church in Dongan Hills for 78 years.

She was married for 51 years to the late Dante L. Ferrari, former clerk of the Surrogate Court and former Richmond County Democratic leader. Together, they traveled the world, and spent several months of each year at their second home in Florida. Mr. Ferrari died in 1990.

According to her family, Mrs. Ferrari "worked magic" with a needle and thread, and was always there for her family to hem pants, sew buttons, and make curtains and wedding dresses for her children and grandchildren.

In her later years, she enjoyed making trips to Atlantic City and crocheting, but the center of her life was always her family.

Mrs. Ferrari was also a dog lover, and her pet, Benji, a Yorkshire terrier, was never far from her side.

Her daughter, Fran Ferrari, said her mother had a love of life and was kind and loving to everyone. "Rose believed that it didn't matter who you were, but how you treated others that mattered," she said.

In addition to her daughter, Fran, Mrs. Ferrari is survived by two more daughters, Terry Fausak and Diane Cioffoletti; seven grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren.

The funeral will be tomorrow from the Hanley Funeral Home, New Dorp, with a mass at 10 a.m. mass in St. Ann's Church. Burial will be in Moravian Cemetery, New Dorp. 
RIGGI, Rose (I6211)

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