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101 Birth in 1850 on LDS 0730037, no. 10, page 4R. Witnesses:Jacob Zimmer? and Ludwig Schwabe. Godparents: Jacob Zimmer, Ewa Polinski, Ludwig Schwabe, and Kartarzyna Gust. POLINSKI, Johann (I1535)
102 Birth in 1851 from LDS 0730037, no. 70, page 18R. Witnesses: Ludwig Shwabe (age 34) and Leopold Lamprecht??. Godparents: Leopold Lamprecht? and Anna Schwabe. Father's age shown as26 and mother's as 24. POLINSKI, Andrzej (I1547)
103 Birth in 1851 on LDS 0730037, no. 72, page 19L. Witnesses: Michael Burkhart? and Gottlieb becker. Godparents: Michael Burkhart and Zuzanna z Wierschke Wutzke. Father's age shown as 26 and mother's as 26? POLINSKI, Christoph (I1550)
104 Birth in 1852 on LDS 0730037, no. 13, page 4R. Witnesses: Daniel Wierschke and Ludwig Wutzke. Godparents: Daniel Wierschke and Elzbieta z Polinski Schilke?. Father's age shown as 49 and mother's as 47. POLINSKI, Julianna (I1557)
105 Birth in 1852 on LDS 0730037, no. 6, page 2R. Witnesses: Jacob zimmer and Michael Polinski (at age 46?). Godparents: Jacob Zimmer and Anna z Meier Schwabe. Father's age shown as 40 and mother's as 38. POLINSKI, Caroline (I1556)
106 Birth in 1856 on LDS 0730038, no. 24, page 7L. Witnesses: Fryderyk Huff?? and Ludwig Schwabe (age 39). Godparents: Maria z Wakenhut Shultz and Karolina z Marx Stack?? POLINSKI, Louise (I1566)
107 Birth in 1856 on LDS 0730038, no. 31, page 9L. Witnesses: Ma__ Haak and Krysztof Polinski (age 33, * 1833). Godparents: Krysztof Polinski and F___ Haak. POLINSKI, Suzanna (I1569)
108 Birth in 1856 on LDS 0730038, no. 33, page 9R. Witnesses: Ludwig Wutzke and Michael Burkhart. Godparents: Ludwig Wutzke and Zuzanna z Zielke Polinski. POLINSKI, Suzanna (I1571)
109 Birth in 1856 on LDS 0730038, no. 4, page 2L. Witnesses: Johann Polinski (age 30, *1826) and Marcin Sonneberg. Godparents: Johann Polinski and Karolina z Splitt Sonneberg. POLINSKI, Caroline (I1565)
110 Birth in 1856 on LDS 0730038, no. 50, page 13R. Witnesses: Michael Burkhart and Johann Polinski (at age 30, *1826). Godparents: Michael Burkhart and Luiza z Gabauch?? Polinski. POLINSKI, Gottlieb (I1573)
111 Birth in 1857 non LDS 0730038, no. 63, page 16R. Witnesses: Johann Polinski and Krysztof Stebner?. POLINSKI, Justine (I1576)
112 Birth in Stanislawow, Volhynia on LDS film 1,897,588, item 2, reg. 695, p. 299. Godparents were Christian Schmidt and Amalie Rode. Baptism was performed by Lehrer Fehlauer (possibly Jacob Fehlauer). PLETZ, Augusta (I2107)
113 Birth LDS 1,987,594, item 1, reg. 575, p. 506 (not seen).

Death LDS 1,895,561/1, p 877, reg 233; original not seen - record from SGGEE website, where name is shown as Fehlan? 
FEHLAUER, Emilie Elisabeth (I1917)
114 Birth LDS 1884065/2, 529, 642

C. Wood reports birth 2 Aug 1876. 
PECHTEL, Julianna (I3310)
115 Birth LDS 689,461, no. 10, p. 103. LENZ, Ludwig Edward (I2184)
116 Birth LDS 689,461, no. 111, p. 161L. LENZ, Justina Albina (I2305)
117 Birth LDS 689,461, no. 12, p. 24. LENZ, Heinrich Leopold (I2155)
118 Birth LDS 689,461, no. 21, p. 6L. LENTZ, Peter Ferdinand (I2252)
119 Birth LDS 689,461, no. 78, p. 107R. LENTZ, Edward (I2289)
120 Birth LDS 689,641, no. 104, p. 251L. LENZ, Ernestyna Krystyna (I2326)
121 Birth LDS 689,641, no. 183, p. 223L. LENZ, Emilia Krystyna (I2323)
122 Birth on LDS 0730037, no. 36, page 10L. Witnesses: Gottfryd Wutske and Michael Wutske. Godparents: Michael Wutske and Justyna z Hintz? Markwart. POLINSKI, Ludwig (I1532)
123 Birth on LDS film 0730037, no. 2, page 1R. Godparents were _immer and Anna (nee Meier) Schwabe. Also mentions Michael Polinski as witness.

Death on same film, no. 12, page 27L. Ludwik Schwabe was listed as witness. 
POLINSKI, Daniel (I1494)
124 Birth on LDS film 689,459, no. 62, p. 88; record photocopied. Name spelled Fehlau on birth registration. Witnesses were David Less and Jacob Neubauer. Godparents were David Less and Susanna Wahl, and Jacob Neubauer and Krystyna Krause.

Marriage record from 1855 Nasielsk register on LDS 1,197,739, no. 20, p 170. Witnesses were Michael Ahrend and Martin Kopp.

Death record in 1858 on LDS film 0,689,462, reg. 25, p. 100; record photocopied. Name spelled Fehlauer on this record, therefore birth name Fehlau = Fehlauer. 
FEHLAUER, Samuel (I1348)
125 Birth on LDS film 689,459, seq. 24, no. 101, p.18; registration photocopied. Name spelled Fehlau on birth record. Witness were Jacob Neubauer and Lucas Zanicki. Godparents were Jacob Neubauer and Christina Krause, Lucas Zanicki and
Wilhelmina Therburg, Jerzy Simon and Petronella Simon, and Karl Schlieske.

This may be the same Gottlieb Fehlauer who married Julianna Pretzlau,moved to Volhynia, and fathered Albert Fehlauer in 1878. For Albert's birth, see LDS 1,189,562/2, p 541, reg 481. 
FEHLAUER, Gottlieb Ludwig (I2453)
126 Birth record (in Russian) on LDS film 1197719, no. 149, p. 229R. FAUSAK, Melita (I2552)
127 Birth record from 1915 Nowy Dwor register (LDS film 1197721, no. 25, p. 85R); registration photocopied. Record is in Russian. FAUSAK, Olga (I1327)
128 Birth record in 1849 on LDS film 1197634, no. 88, p. 181.

Death registration in LDS 1,197,739, no. 60, p 164. 
PUSCH, Leopold (I1329)
129 Birth record in Russian on LDS 1,197,718, no. 172, p. ?; registration photocopied. Godparents were Karl Graff and Helena Reinholtz. MUELLER, Karl (I1927)
130 Birth record in Russian on LDS 1197715, no. 32. FAUSAK, Adam Edward (I1053)
131 Birth record in Russian on LDS film 1197719, no. 2, p. 191R.

Living in Gifhorn, Germany in April 2000, in a managed care home near the home of Karl Heinz Fausak and his parents. 
FAUSAK, Ernst Richard (I857)
132 Birth record in Russian on LDS film 119771_, no. 56, p. ?; registration photocopied.

EWZ record of Oswald Fausak shows Karl as having died before June 1940.

Neu-Swidry is now Nowe Swidry, and is located south of Jablonna and about 12km north of central Warsaw, on the east side of the Vistula River. It is now on the northern suburbs of Warsaw.

Karl's grave (and others) in Tarchomin was visited and photographed by LF, HF, and LM in August 2001. 
FAUSAK, Karl (I846)
133 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1102)
134 Birth recorded in Nasielsk registry 1851 (no. 36, p 255, LDS 1,197,634). Jan Fausak was witness and godparent; Katarzyna Golinski (?) was also godparent. HINKELMANN, Johann (I1059)
135 Birth recorded in the churchbook of St. Jacob's Catholic church in Tarchomin, even though he was believed to be of the Ev. Lutheran faith. FAUSAK, Julian Edmund (I1099)
136 Birth recorded in the Cook County Birtrh Certificates as Amelia Fansak. FAUSAK, Adeline (I34)
137 Birth registered in 1845 in LDS film 0,730,037, no. 10, page __. Witnesses: Jacob Zimmer and Bogumil Polinski (age 30). Godparents: Jacob Zimmer, Luiza z Beier Polinska. POLINSKI, Gottlieb (I1622)
138 Birth registration found in Cieksyn, Russian Poland civil records (no. 69, p. 12b, LDS 0,689, 560). Father Jan Fausak shown as age 21 (therefore born in 1806) and mother Anna's age is shown as 20 (therefore born in 1809). The name in that record is spelled Fozak. Witnesses were Fryderyk Sykind (Friedrich Zeigner?) and Fryderyk Fozak (Freidrich Fausak, age 30). Godparents were Fryderyk Sykind and Karolina Fozak.

This appears to be the first of two Karolina Fausaks born to Jan and Anna nee Redmann (the second one in 1838). Perhaps this one died young (the assumption made here). Perhaps we are dealing with multiple Annas or multiple Johanns? 
FAUSAK, Caroline (I1014)
139 Birth registration found in Nowy Dwor E. L. church records (registration 29, page 273, LDS film number 0,689,459). His godparents were Jacob Schultz and Suzanna Lukk (Look?). (There appears to be a duplicate entry as no. 29, p. 20, LDS 0,689,460.) His last name is spelled Fauzak. FAUSAK, Jacob (I1024)
140 Birth registration from 1894 in Russian from Nasielsk records (no. 24, p. 18, LDS film 1,197,738); name on registration is Atalia Marta.

She and Ludwig had no children. 
FAUSAK, Atalie Marta (Natalie) (I27)
141 Birth registration from 1914 in Russian in Nasielsk records. LDS film 1197635, no. 49, page 29 right.
MIELKE, Karl (I1477)
142 Birth registration from Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 11, p. 142); record photocopied. One of the witnesses was Johann Fausak, at age 45 (therefore * 1855), who was also a godfather. BARTZ, Natalia (I1256)
143 Birth registration from Nasielsk records (no. 9, p. 73, LDS 1,197,635). Witnesses in addition to her father were Edward Markwart, age 26, and Adam Lok, age 59. Godmother was Hulda Lok; there was no godfather listed.

Mother is shown as "Maryanny z domu Janeckiej". 
FAUSAK, Bertha (I1101)
144 Birth registration from Nowy Dwor records (no. 159, p. 187-188, LDS 0,687,459); registration photocopied. Witnesses were Jan Schulz and Bogumil Kretzmann; godparents were Jan Schulz and Elzbieta Regle (?). HEIN, Justina (I1087)
145 Birth registration from Zakroczym records (LDS 0689444, rec. 40, p 14 left). Her father's name is clearly spelled Sieber in the registration (and is assummed to be = Ziegner etc.); his age is given as 20 (therefore * 1803). Her mother Dorota Fausaków is shown as age 23 (therefore *1800). Witnesses were Daniel Fausak at age 30 (therefore * 1793), and Johann Redmann at age 36 (therefore * 1787). Both Daniel Fausak and Johann Redmann signed the registration. SIKINGER, Louisa Dorota (I990)
146 Birth registration from Zakroczym Roman Catholic records (LDS 0689444, no. 56, p 27 left). It shows father Daniel at age 26 (therefore * 1795) and mother Anna at age 22 (therefore * 1799). Other witnesses were Gottlieb Myler (Müller?) at age 36 and Johann Redmann at age 34. The record was not signed by Daniel Fausak, even though he signed some others of the time.

His death at the age of 10 months is also recorded in the Zakroczym records. He is shown as the son of Daniel and Anna Fausak, but Daniel is not the principal witness as would have been customary. Presumably Daniel was away, or ill, or otherwise unavailable. 
FAUSAK, Friedrich (I989)
147 Birth registration from Zakroczym Roman Catholic records (LDS 9689444, no. 6, p. 3 left). Father Daniel shown as age 29 (therefore * 1794) and mother shown at age 23. This record is unusual in that it is is signed in clear hand by Daniel Fausack. Daniel is the first Fausak of the time to be able to write; apparently none of the subsequent generations were able to do so until late in the 1800s.

Marriage registration in Nasielsk Lutheran church records (no. 13, p. 48, LDS film 1,197,939); registration photocopied. Witnesses were an uncle Johann Fausak at age 43 (therefore *1806), shown as 'stryja' or father's brother, and Henryk Henklemann at age 24. Henryk Henkleman was husband to Rozalia nee Fausak. Johann (the groom) was listed as a farmer in Bledowo; he was 26 years of age (therefore *1823). 
FAUSAK, Johann (I970)
148 Birth registration in 1808 Cieksyn, Russian Poland civil records (no registration number or page number, LDS film 0,689,558).

Marriage registration in 1825 found in Cieksyn, Russian Poland civil records (no. 16, p. 14a-14b, LDS film 0,689,559). Johann's age is shown as 19, and Anna as 17 (therefore born circa 1808).

There is an Anna Redman shown as godmother to Johann Friedrich Fausak in 1828; that was after her marriage to Jan Fausak - why was the maiden name used?. Are the two Anna Redmans, both married to Jan Fausaks?? Perhaps the Anna Redmann shown was the wife of witness Jan Redmann, or was an unmarried girl named Anna Redmann.

Anna is shown at the age of 26 in 1834 (therefore born circa 1808) on the birth registration of daughter Louisa.

Anna's age was shown as 30 on the birth registration of her son Jan in 1840, therefore born in 1810. (But of the 4 people in that registration whose ages were given, all were 30; did everyone round off their ages?)

Anna Fausak is also shown as godmother (with Ludwig Freymuth, and also with Martin Pletz and Louisa Kolm) at the baptism of Rozalia Lukk, daughter of Martin Lukk and Maryanna Neumann, in Bledowo in 1843 (reg. 92, p. 39, LDS 0,689,459).

Anna was godmother to Ludwig Schultz on 15 Dec 1843 in Bledowo (no. 217, p. 145, LDS 0,689,460); Martin Pletz was godfather (presumably Martin Pletz, father of Martin Pletz and father-in-law of Louisa Fausak).

Anna Fausak is listed as a godparent at the baptism of Rosalia Schultz in Bledowo in 1850 (reg. no. 57, p 220, LDS film 1,197,634).

There is an Anna nee Redmann shown with her husband Gottfried Schultz on the death registration of their daughter Dorata Schultz in 1848 (reg. no. 10, p 201, LDS film 0,689,462). This must be another Anna Redmann because Ludwig Fausak was born in 1848, and Martin was born later. 
REDMANN, Anna (I1004)
149 Birth registration in 1831 in Cieksyn civil records (no. 7, p. 2, LDS film 0,689,560). In addition to father Fryderyk Fausak (spelled Fousak), witnesses were Jakob Neybor and Adam Luk (Look?); godparents were Jakob Neybor and Helena Treychel. Helena soon married Adam Lok and had a son Adam Gottfryd Lok, who was to marry Karolina Fausak, daughter of Jan Fausak and Anna Redmann.

Marriage registration in Nasielsk records (no. 34, p. 90, LDS film 1,197,739); registration photocopied. Witnesses were Jan Schweitzer at age 28, and Jan Fausak, farmer from Bledowo at age 43 (therefore b. 1807). 
FAUSAK, Johann (I972)
150 Birth registration in 1845 Nowy Dwor records (no. 165, p. 160, LDS 0,689,460). Witnesses were father Jan Hein at age 21(described as komornik, or tenant farmer), Karól Nietsch, and Robert Ortmann. Godparents were Karól Nietsch and Amalia Hein. Both Nietsch and Ortmann signed their names. HEIN, Karl Wilhelm (I1095)
151 Birth registration in 1894 in Russian cursive from Nasielsk records (no. 78, p. 31, LDS 1,197,738); registration photocopied. The record shows father Julius as 26 years old (therefore * 1868) and mother Louisa as age 25 (therefore * 1869). One of the two witnesses was Adam Look at age 32 (therefore * 1862). FAUSAK, Julius Edmund (I1184)
152 Birth registration in 1896 in Russian from Nasielsk registry (no.1, p. 56, LDS film 1,197,738); registration photocopied. Witnesses were Adam Look at age 33 years and ____ Schweizer at age 40. Godparents were Adam Look and Rosalia Look. FAUSAK, Louisa Bertha (I1183)
153 Birth registration in 1897 in Russian from Nasielsk registry (no. 18, p. 80, LDS film 1,1,97,738); registration photocopied. Father Julius is shown as age 26 (therefore * 1871) and mother Louisa nee Look as age 28 (therefore * 1869).
Witnesses were Adam Look and Mar____ Look, both age 32. Godparent's names need better translation, but appear to be Ferdynand and Eufrozyna Scheide. 
FAUSAK, Theodor Ferdinand (I1185)
154 Birth registration in Cieksyn civil records (no. 25, p. 5, LDS 0,689,560). Witnesses were Jedrzej (Andrzej) Beker and Krystyan Medynk(?); godparents were Jedrzej Beker and Elzbieta Maron.

Marriage record from 1850 on LDS film 1,197,939, page 87, record no. 31. The last name on the entry is spelled Ziegner. The record also shows Johann Fausak age 44 (therefore *1806) and Johann Maron age 35 (b 1815).

The record presents a puzzle. It appears to say that Johann Fausak, age 44, was newly married (nowozaslubicnego), but Johann, husband of Anna Redmann, had been married for 25 years and was still producing children. The Johann Fausak who had married the previous year to Anna Ziegner was the son of Martin Daniel and was 27 years of age. 
SIKINGER, Johann (I993)
155 Birth registration in Cieksyn civil records (no. 32, p. 6b, LDS film 0,689,561); registration photocopied. Witnesses were Wilhelm Duwe and Jan Geszke (?); godparents were Wilhelm Duwe and Teresa Zowandska(?). ZIEGNER, Julianna (I1169)
156 Birth registration in Cieksyn civil records (no. 41, p. 8a, LDS film 0,689,560). Name is spelled Fozak. In addition to father Fryderyk Fozak at age 30 (therefore * 1798), witnesses were Fryderyk Sykind (?) and Jan Redmann (at age 30). Godparents were Fryderyk Sykind (ziegner?) and Anna Redmann. (Fryderyk Sykind was also one of the witnesses at Louisa Fausak's death in 1829.)

It is curious that Anna Redmann is shown here as godmother in 1828; she married Johann Fausak in 1825 and presumbly would have been known as Anna Fausak. This could be second unmarried Anna Redmann. Or it could be an Anna, maiden name unknown, who was married to witness Jan Redmann.

Johann Friedrich is not listed on the death registration of his mother Karolina in 1856 and therefore is presumed to have died before that time. 
FAUSAK, Johann Friedrich (I1137)
157 Birth registration in Cieksyn civil records (no. 55, p. 10b, LDS film 0,689,560). Last name is spelled Cyzygner in annual index, and Zyzynger in registration. In addition to father Fryderyk at age 46 (b. 1793), witnesses were Jan Fausak at age 30 (b. 1809) and Marcin (Martin) Maron at age 24 (b. 1815). Godparents were Jan Fausak and Maryanna Maron. Dorota's age is 36 (therefore b. 1803). SIKINGER, Caroline (I1013)
158 Birth registration in Cieksyn civil records (no. 72, p. 13a, LDS film 0,689,560). In addition to father Fryderyk Fausak at age 40 (therefore b. 1794), witnesses were Maciej Wulf at age 30 and Jan Freymuth at age 50 (therefore b. 1784). Godparents were Maciej (Mathias or Matthew) Wulf and Bogumila (Gottliebe) Tober (?).

He is not listed on the death registration of his mother Karolina in 1856 and therefore is presumed to have died before that time. 
FAUSAK, Heinrich (I1139)
159 Birth registration in Cieksyn civil records (no. 8, p. 2, LDS 0,689,560); record photocopied. Witnesses were Marcin Kopp and Michal Szlag (=Schlag); godparents were Marcin Kopp and Anna Szlag. Krystyan was 46 (therefore b. 1774) and Anna was
22 at the time (therefore b. 1808). 
HEIN, Friedrich (I1133)
160 Birth registration in Cieksyn, Russian Poland civil records (no. 15, p. 3, LDS film 0,689,560). In addition to father Johann Fausak (spelled Jan Fousak, at age 30 and therefore born in 1804), witnesses were Jedrzej Tobert and Adam Hinz (at age 40). Godparents were Jedrzej Tobert and Louisa Hinz. Mother Anna Redmann's age is shown as 26 (therefore born in 1808).

Louisa and Martin's marriage registration can be found in the Nasielsk, Poland Evangelical Lutheran church registry (no. 2, page 114, LDS film 1,197,939). Louisa was 17 years old in 1852 (therefore born in 1835) at the time of her marriage. Her birthplace was shown as Brzezinki. 
FAUSAK, Louise (I1019)
161 Birth registration in Cieksyn, Russian Poland civil records (no. 25, p. 5b, LDS film 0,689,560). In addition to father Johann (Jan) Fausak at age 32 (therefore born circa 1806), witnesses were Michael Treychel at age 22 (therefore born circa 1816) and Michael Redmann at age 40 (therefore born circa 1798). Godparents were Michael Treychel and Rosina (Rozyna) Treychel.

Marriage of Adam Look (spelled Lok) and wife Karolina Fausak found in LDS film 1,197,739 (marriage register from Nasielsk, Russian Poland), page 188, record no.15. The marriage register shows Adam's age as 19 (therefore born in 1835) and Karolina's as 16 (therefore born in 1838). Also shown are Johann Helfer at age 37 (b 1817) and Adam Wegner age 42 (b 1812). 
FAUSAK, Caroline (I978)
162 Birth registration in Cieksyn, Russian Poland civil records (no.99, p. 17b, LDS 0,689,560). In addition to father Johann at age 30 (therefore born in 1810), witnesses were Michael Treichel (age 30) and Johann Maron (age 30).

Godparents were Michael Treichel and Dorata Fausak. The only Dorota Fausak on record had by that time been married to Freidrich Zeigner for at least 13 years; why was her maiden name used? Is there an unmarried Dorota Fausak, or another Dorota Fausak by marriage?

Death record (in Russian) on LDS film 1197513, no. 91, p. 193; record photocopied. Johann died at 60 years of age and left his wife Wilhelmina nee Rinau. Witnesses were Leopold Look (age 45) and Ludwig Look (age 28), both farmers in Kolonia Modlinska. There is a discrepancy of about 4 years in the date of birth; but age differences were common in the records at the time. His birthplace was noted as Modlin. 
FAUSAK, Johann (I1138)
163 Birth registration in Nasielsk records (no. 22, p 202, LDS 1,197,634); record photocopied. Witnesses were Paul Jek and Johann Jek; godparents were Michael Grönke and Karolina Jek. Registration was signed by Michael Fehlauer. FEHLAUER, Amalia (I1063)
164 Birth registration in Nasielsk records (no. 23, p. 113, LDS 1,197,634); photocopied. Witnesses were Ludwik Jeszke and Adam Maron. Godparents were Karól (?) Fryderyk and Maryanna Jeszke.

Julianna could be one of the unnamed wives (three Hein sisters in addition to Louisa Hein) of Ludwig Fausak. 
HEIN, Julianna (I1090)
165 Birth registration in Nasielsk records (no. 63, p. 223, LDS 1,197,634). Witnesses were Roman Treychel and Karól Friedrich. Godparents were Roman Teychel and Karolina Schtoeck.

Birth registration photocopied.

Efraim Hein was a witness at the baptism of Edward Fausak in Janowko in 1919; his age was shown as 70.

Listed as nearest living relative on the Ellis Island entry manifest of his son Julius Hein in 1912. 
HEIN, Efraim (I1069)
166 Birth registration in Nasielsk records (reg. 61, p 168, LDS 1,197,634); registration photocopied.. Witnesses were Fryderk Hein and Karól Strauch; godparents were Fryderyk Hein (?) and Emelia Strauch. HEIN, Emilia (I1064)
167 Birth registration in Nasielsk registry (no. 41, p. 80, LDS 1,197,634). Witnesses were father Karól Hein, Karól Nering (?), Ferdynand Ziegner (husband of Dorata nee Fausak), and Fryderyk Hein. Ludwik Rienau and Dorata (nee Fausak) Ziegner
were godparents.

Death registration in 1848 in Nasielsk records (no. 44, p. 111, LDS 1,197,739). Witnesses were Jan Hein (age 27) and Karól Friedrich (age 29).

Both registrations photocopied. 
HEIN, Karl (I25)
168 Birth registration in Nowy Dwor Lutheran church registry (number 1, page 145; LDS film 0,689,459). Witnesses were Johann Freymuth and Michael Treichel; godparents were not named (unusually).

Her father Gottlieb was 34 years of age (therefore *1806), and her mother Karolina was 40 years old (therefore *1800). 
FAUSAK, Anna (I1027)
169 Birth registration in Nowy Dwor records (no. 12, p. 24a, LDS 0,689,461); record photocopied.

This Emilia may be the person who married Ludwig Look; she was the mother of Leonard Look, who married Amanda Fausak.

Death date based on the birth record of Bertha Wilhelmina Hein in 1894, which appears to show Ludwig's wife as Otillia. Could be a translation problem, though. 
HEIN, Emilia (I1119)
170 Birth registration in Nowy Dwor records (no. 124. p. __, LDS 0,689,460); name appears to be spelled Hejn. HEIN, Eufrosine (I22)
171 Birth registration in Russian from Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 10, p.__); record photocopied. Witnesses were Ludwig Ulrich(?), and Julius Look at age 38 (therefore * 1857). Godparents were Johann Fausak and Ewa Ulrich(?). BARTZ, Robert (I1263)
172 Birth registration in Russian from Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 11, p.15); registration photocopied. Mother's name does not appear to be Emelia but Otillia; assumption therefore made that Emelia died and Ludwig remarried. This records
requires better translation. 
LOOK, Bertha Wilhelmine (I1257)
173 Birth registration in Russian from Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 77, p. 7); record photocopied. Julius Fausak was both a witness and a godparent. LOOK, Bertha (I1231)
174 Birth registration in Russian from Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 9, p. 78); registration photocopied. One of the witnesses was Johann Fausak at age 46 (therefore * 1851).. BARTZ, Wilhelm Benjamin (I545)
175 Birth registration in Russian from Nasielsk records (LDS1,197,738, no. 23, p. 18); record photocopied. Witnesses were Jacob Look (at age 37?) and Julius Fausak at age 22 (therefore * 1873). Godparents were Jacob Look and Louisa Fausak. LOOK, Louisa Bertha (I1228)
176 Birth registration in Russian from Nasielsk redords (LDS 1,197,738 item 2, no. 17, p.80); record photocopied. Adam Look at age 34 and Julius Fausak at age 26 were witnesses. One of the godparents is also Gottlieb Look. LOOK, Gottlieb (I1253)
177 Birth registration in Russian in Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 38, p. __); registration photocopied. The records shows Ludwig Fausak at the age of 48 as one of the witnesses, and Louisa Fausak (age not given) as a godparent to the
child. The other witness and the other godparent is Ludwig Markwart at age 33. 
LOOK, Louisa (I567)
178 Birth registration in Russian script on LDS film 2,092,164, no. 74, page 37. We also have a copy of Bertha's delayed birth registration dated 1903, written in both Polish and German, clearly showing her parents Karl and Auguste and the village Theodorow, near Stawischin. The 1903 birth certification, made when Bertha was 9 years old, was apparently done as an exit document. It is not known if she in fact left Russia at that time, or if so, where she spent the next 11 years before coming to America.

Eduard and Bertha arrived together in New York 1 April 1914 on the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II from Bremen; the vessel sailed on 24 March 1914. Both listed nearest relative in Europe as Julia Meier of Moorschutz, Germany and Carl Gunther of Moorschutz, Germany (Moorschutz is now Mrozcen, Poland). Both showed name and address of US contact as Josef Wehr (?), Alden NY, but that appears to be crossed out and the abbreviations Germ. Soc. (?) are overwritten. Both Edward and Bertha showed their birthplace as Moorschutz, Russia. An image of the entry manifest is available at www.ellisisland.org. Bertha, at the age of 20, was shown as a maid servant; she was 5'4" tall, with fair complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes, and no distinguishing marks. They were married at Ellis Island on 14 April on entry, apparently because Bertha was not yet of age and lacked a sponsor; marriage solved that problem.

Upon entry to the US at the age of 30, Eduard was 5'9" tall, with fair complexion, blond hair, and blue eyes; he had no distinguishing marks.Bertha was naturalized (certificate no. 5056828) on May 20, 1942 at Ellendale ND. They lived in Monango, Dickey County, ND at that time.

Twins (girl and boy) born in 1925 were miscarried. Bertha is remembered by her daughter Adeline as shoveling grain when she suddenly miscarried.

ASM's delayed certificate of birth shows her father Eduard's birthplace as Schadenez, Poland, and Bertha's birthplace as Stavishin (or Stawiszyn or Staweszyn), Poland. She believes Eduard's birthplace was actually Zabinnitz, Poland. Both Edward and Bertha were of German descent and among many Germans who had colonized Russian Poland in the 19th century. Hattie (Meyer) Fausak states that Stavishin was the place given on Bertha's birth certificate.

A certified copy of Eduard and Bertha's Certificate of Marriage Registration obtained by Hattie A. Fausak in 1986 shows names Meier and Gunther; apparently Meier changed to Meyer or Myers or Meyers when they moved to North Dakota. Eduard was naturalized on 24 May 1939 (certificate no 4490210) in Ellendale ND.

Eduard Meyer apparently added a terminal "s" to his name (Meyers) in North Dakota to distinguish himself from another Edward Meyer who lived nearby. His birthday may in fact have been 21 Feb 1884 (according to ASM).

Ed and Bertha Meyer moved to North Dakota in response to a newspaper advertisement seeking farmers. They spent over 20 years in Dickey County ND farming and ranching on rented land; when they moved away in 1942, they occupied the large Caldwell Ranch. In Oct 1942, with most of their children already in Chicago, Ed and Bertha moved off the farm. They had bought a flat in Chicago from Fred Wenzel (who later remarried the widowed Bertha), but never occupied the flat--Edward died in Michigan on Christmas Day 1942 before they completed the move.

Eduard's obituary in the St Joseph (Michigan) Herald Press notes that he was survived by two cousins; one was Gustave Kalke of Stevensville MI and the other was Ed Kalke of Paw Paw MI. Eduard's son William Meyer said in 1996 that he thought the Kalkes were second cousins to Eduard and didn't know the exact relationship. ASM said in 1996 that she distinctly remembered the Kalkes as bakers in Chicago, but also was unable to clarify the family relationship. One of the Kalkes stood up for Bertha Meyer at her second marriage to Fred Wenzel. 
GÜNTHER, Bertha (I126)
179 Birth registration in St. Matthew's Lutheran Church records, Jersey City NJ. Godparents were Leon Marone and Wanda Pletz. Family lived at that time at 83 Essex Street, Jersey City NJ. LENTZ, Arthur Albert (I1976)
180 Birth registration no. 170, page 196, Nowy Dwor Evangelical Lutheran church (LDS film 0,689,459). Mother shown as Dorota Fausaków. SIKINGER, Ludwig (I1030)
181 Birth resgitration in Russian from Nasielsk records (LDS 1,197,738, no. 25, p. 129): record photocopied. LOOK, Hulda Helena (I1252)
182 Bith in 1850 on LDS 0730037, no. 3, page 3L. Witnesses: Gottlieb Wutzke and Krysztof Haak? Godparents: Gottlieb Wutzke and Karolina Polinska. POLINSKI, Gottlieb (I1533)
183 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I515)
184 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I244)
185 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I962)
186 Brügge KB, 1899 Nr. 2
Augusta Sophie Friederika Marie Fausack geb. Fester, Altsitzerin, 81 J, hinterläßt 1 Tochter, gestorben 1. April an Lungenentzündung, beerdigt 4. April 
FESTER, Augusta Sophie Friederike Maria (I15156)
187 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I512)
188 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7749)
189 C. (or K.) Fausack, kassierer, appears in the Berliner Adressbuch at Admiralstrasse 28 beginning in 1872 and continuing through 1886. FAUSACK, Carl (I6886)
190 Carl entered the United States in 1902 at the age of 36; he traveled with his brothers Gottlieb Fausak (b. 1881) and Eduard Fausak (b 1886). They sailed on the SS Assyria from Hamburg on 7 Mar 1902 and arrived in New York on 22 Mar 1902; their entry is recorded on the manifest available under the misspelled name Tausak at www.ellisisland.org. They were coming to join their brother Julian, who had entered the US the preceding year and whose address was 160 2nd Street (no city given but assumed to be New York). They came with $66 between them and listed their residence as Jonowsk, Poland.

Carl was a witness at the marriage of his half-brother Edward Fausack (sic) and Rosina Antonia Wittlieb at St. Matthews Church in Jersey City NJ in 1906.

According to the 1910 federal census (where the surname is spelled Fausek, and Carl is spelled Carrol), he immigrated to America 1894; his wife Anna and three children (Wanda, Gus, Ledia) followed in 1898. Records of 1910 census shows Carl (spelled Carrol) of age 45, therefore born in 1865 (at which time his father Ludwig would have been 18 years old). Address in 1910 census was on Morris Street, Jersey City NJ.

The 1920 census records (Jersey City, 1st Ward, ED 110), however, show his age as 51, making his birth year 1869. In 1920, Carl and his family lived in rented quarters at 71 Sussex Street in Jersey City NJ. The family comprised Carl and Anna, and their children Litta (presumably Lydia, age 21, *1899), Frank (age 16, *1904 in Michigan), Charles (age 14, *1906 in New York), Albert (age 11, *1909 in New Jersey), and Herman (age 9, *1911 in New Jersey). Carl, Anna, and Lydia are shown as aliens (and therefore born outside of the US). Daughter Matilda does not appear on the 1920 census; she was married in 1918, at the age of 18, to Richard Fulton Lincoln and presumably had moved from the family home.

Carl's death and burial notice appeared in Book VII, p 309 of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church registry; he was survived by 5 sons and 2 daughters.

He was known during his lifetime to the younger members of the family as Uncle Charley. 
FAUSAK, Karl Emil (I21)
191 Caroline's birth record is not in the Rheinberg KB in 1822; she may have been born elsewhere  LAUDAN, Caroline (I10743)
192 Caspar Joachim Christoph Carl Fausack, Kolonist zu Weitgendorf ehelicher Sohn des gestorbene Bauers in Brügge Johann Heinrich Fausack ist mit seiner Braut Jungfrau Friederike Christine Marie Dahlenburg, des Kolonisten zu Weitgendorf Ludwig Dahlenburg einzige eheliche Tochter am siebenten December copulirt worden des Bräutigams Alter 40J 9 M , der Braut alter 26J 10M
Family F3411
193 Cause of death in 1810: typhus. FAUSACK, Friederike Julianna (I10042)
194 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I401)
195 Census Year: 1930; Census Place: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T626_152; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 527; Image: 0424. LOCKHART, Floyd Martin (I167)
196 Census Year: 1930; Census Place: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T626_152; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 527; Image: 0424. _____, Selma A. (I3743)
197 Charles' birth is recorded in the Manhattan County NY as certificate number 1846 in 1906 (FHL film number 1984863); this record has not yet been accessed (late 2010).

SS # 715-14-2007. His application, filled out on 28 Jan 1937 when he was 32 years of age, showed his residence as 12 Union, Jersery City NJ. He showed his father's name as Charles Edward Fausak, and his mother's as Anna Keene. His occupation was listed as "Carpenter, B&B". 
FAUSAK, Charles Edward Sr. (I94)
198 Christened at Friedrichswerder Kirche, Berlin. FAUSACK, Wilhelm Carl (I2748)
199 Christened at Zum Heiligen Kreuz Evangelische Kirche, Wilmersdorf, Berlin. FAUSACK, Auguste Charlotte Elisabeth (I18072)
200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I352)

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