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1  _____, Karen (Toi) NeLisa (I838)
«b»Posted by the «u»Asbury Park Press «/u» on 06/3/07

«/b»FRANCES P. DELLA ROCCA, of Applewood Estates, FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, died Friday, June 1, at home. Mrs. DellaRocca was born in Jersey City and resided in Lakewood before moving to Freehold four years ago. She was a proofreader for the Jersey Journal, Jersey City, before her retirement. Prior to that, she was employed at the Jersey City Printing Co.

She was predeceased by her first husband, Edward R. Fausak, in 1955; her second husband, Alfonso R. DellaRocca, in 1997; and a brother and sister, Thomas and Lorraine. Surviving are a son and daughter-in-law, Robert E. and Christine Fausak of Freehold; a sister and brother-in-law, Joan and Donald Byrnes of Bayonne; two grandchildren, Edward and Abagail; and a sister-in-law, Joanne McComb.

Visiting hours will be from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at Higgins Memorial Home, 20 Center St., Freehold. The Funeral Liturgy will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Robert Bellarmine Roman Catholic Church, 61 Georgia Road, Freehold Township. In lieu of flowers memorial donations to St. Rose High School, 605 Seventh Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719, would be appreciated. 
MCCOMB, Francis Patricia (I716)
3 Witnesses at birth were Jan Fausak and Ludwik Freymuth. Godparents: Ludwig Freymuth and Anna Heffler. PLETZ, Julius (I1067)
4 (Medical):According to Adeline Hughes (05.26.96) Fritz died of heart failure while undergoing an appendix operation. WITKOWSKI, Friedrich William (I193)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I571)
6 (Medical):Brother reported to be alive (in NJ in 1966) by sister Norma Cupp. BUGGELN, William Herbert (I294)
7 (Medical):Cause of death recorded as acute myocardial infarct, complicated by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchopneumonia - lower left lobe. FAUSAK, Ernest (I1)
8 (Medical):Died of infant consumption (or pneumonia per Bertha (Fausak) Harrison). FAUSAK, Martin Adolf (I270)
9 (Medical):Home address 6655 Densmore Avenue, Van Nuys CA 91406-6027, tel 818-787-7069.

Brief telcon w/Lee Fausak 05.58.96; irascable old fart. 
MEYER, Herbert Harold (I135)
10 (Postal code N20, probably in northern suburb of Wedding.) FAUSACK, Bernhard (I6203)
11 - According to Emilie Look Klose in 1996, Louise lived only three weeks. LOOK, Louise Emily (I275)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I373)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I265)
14 - Unknown wife #4 lived for approximately 1 year after marriage and bore no children. Her name is not known, but oral tradition is that she was one of four Hein sisters who married Ludwig. HEIN, _____ (I16)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I304)
16 1920 Federal Census. Father and mother born in Germany. THIELE, Elizabeth (I2904)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I541)
18 A Helena Radke from Grabie, Poland who entered the US at age 19 on 15 Sep 1908 aboard the Grosser Kurfurst from Bremen. She apparently came alone. Her record is listed at www.ellisisland.org. She was single, was able to read and write, and listed no occupation; her listed relative in Europe was her father Andreas Radke of Grabie, Plonsk, Warsaw, Poland. Her destination in the US was her brother-in-law Leon Maron, who resided at 133 Morris St., Jersey City NJ; Leon Maron provided her passage to America. Helena was 5' 3" tall, with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Church records show Helene's last name as Radtke; her gravestone in New York Bay Cemetery shows Radke.

According to the St. Matthews E. L. Church records, she lived at 146 Morris Street, Jersey City at the time of her marriage in 1913. Witnesses at her marriage to Ludwig Fausak were Leonard Look, Amanda Fausak, Julius Hirsch, and Lydia Radtke. 
RADTKE, Helene (I308)
19 A Karl Graf was a sponsor at age 52 of Karl Muller in 1902 in Neu Swidry, Poland. GRAF, Karl (I15749)
20 A Marie Elizabeth Graff was a wirness at the christening, so there were two Marie Elizabeth Graffs at the same time. GRAF, Maria Elisabeth (I5962)
21 A nephew of Ludwig Sommerfeld is said to live in Kelowna, BC, Canada; his name is Adolph and his wife is Jennie.

Ludwig is believed to be a half brother (?) to Gustav Sommerfeld. 
SOMMERFELD, Ludwig (I78)
22 Abel's WWI US draft registration card show his birthplace as Gilman, Wisconsin, USA. He is ahown as the sole support of his mother. BJORNSTAD, Abel Marcus (I1201)
23 according to 1910 federal census FAUSAK, Carl (I21)
24 according to 1910 federal census FAUSAK, Gustav Ernest (I79)
25 according to 1910 federal census KUHNE, Anna (I91)
26 according to 1910 federal census FAUSAK, Lydia Caroline (I92)
27 according to 1910 federal census FAUSAK, Wanda (I98)
28 According to 1930 census, John's mother and father were both born in Syria. HAZEL, John (I9577)
29 According to Edward Fausak, Ruth married John Hazel after Emma's death, and then died herself after not too many years. Ruth apparently worked in a supervisory position in the First National Bank of Hightstown NJ. TAYLOR, Ann Ruth (I1023)
30 According to Emil's children, his birthday was always celebrated on 24 January - no explanation.

On a delayed copy of Emil and Emma's marriage certificate, prepared 19 May 1941 for their 15 Sep 1929 marriage, Emil's father is shown as Johann Fausak and his mother as Ewa Fausak geborn Fausak. This differs from the oral history that Emil was an illigitimate son of Ewa. It is possible that the delayed marriage record is incorrect.

After World War I, Emil joined the newly re-constituted Polish Army, and served as a cavalryman for about one and one-half years. He rejoined the Polish Army in 1939 prior to the German invasion, but was soon captured by the Germans (and released soon afterward).

The family owned 14 morgens of land (~4 hectares) in Pomocna, Poland, which was not enough to support a family so Germans tended to have outside jobs as well. Emil's family was reportedly the only Fausaks left in the area in the 1930s.

The Emil Fausak family was Baptist (or Mennonite?) and attended a church in Wola Blendowska. They were believed to have left the Ev. Lutheran church somewhere around 1918 when "Erweckung" missionaries came to the area and began converting Lutherans. Emil and his family are reported to have grown apart from other Fausaks who were in the area at the time because of religious differences.

During World War II, Emil worked for the (German) Post Office In Cieksyn and delivered mail in the area. He and his family fled westward to Strassburg, West Prussia (now Brodnica, Poland) in front of the Russian advance; lacking work there, Emil returned alone to Cieksyn. Shortly afterward (in the winter of 1944), he joined the Germany army. He was taken as prisoner of war in May 1945; he reportedly made a choice to be taken prisoner by the Russians rather than the Americans because he believed his family was in an area controlled by the Russians - that later proved to be a wrong choice. He remained a prisoner of war until 1949.

Emil's family, living in Strassburg, decided to move westward (possibly to Graudenz, now Grudziadz) and on 20 Jan 1945 in -20 C weather. They had a team and wagon, but Emma and the five youngest children traveled by train. Karl, the oldest child, drove the wagon alone (at the age of 14) in the company of many other fleeing refugees, crossing the Weichsel (Wilsa) River on the ice because the bridges had been bombed out. Karl was cut off by the Russian advance and was separated from the family for the remainder of the war.

Emil and his family were reunited in Germany after his release as a POW; in 1953, they were resettled in Plettenburg, Germany along with many other war refugees. 
FAUSAK, Emil (I116)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I578)
32 According to her marriage registry at St. Matthew's Church, at the time of Adele's marriage to Emil Fausak at the age of 24 in 1910 she lived at 23 Montgomery St. (presumably Jersey City NJ).

Adele's death in 1930 is recorded in Book VII, p. 273, of the St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jersey City NJ; she is shown survived by her husband, son, and daughter. 
KUNKEL, Ottilie (Adele) (I269)
33 According to Margot Willert, Emil had a fish farm in Grunberg in the next district over from the Witkowski's. MEIER, Emil (I130)
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2749)
35 Adam was witness at the birth registration of Jan Fausak in 1831 at the age of 36; his name was spelled Luk on that record.

Witnesses at death: Johann Fausak (age 46) and Johann Schweitzer. 
LOOK, Adam (I980)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I44)
37 Address shown on the marriage certificate of his sister Amalie to Adolf Fausak; Hermann was a witness. FEHLAUER, Herman (I667)
38 Adolf Fausak's birthplace is shown as Ciechanow, Poland on his son Ernest Fausak's delayed Record of Birth certificate. Adolf's actual birthplace of Mogowo is a small village in the former province of Ciechanow, and is located about 45km northwest of Warsaw and 4km SW of Nasielsk.

It appears that Adolf Fausak traveled between Europe and the US on at least five occasions. The earliest arrival is recorded on 29 March 1905 (manifested under the name Adolf Tauscik at www.ellisisland.com), when his age was shown as 18. He apparently was traveling alone, and he was going to visit his brother J. (Julian?) Fauscik (sic) at 100 Essex Street, Jersey City NJ. His birthplace was listed as Jonofko, Poland.

His second arrival was on 29 September 1906, when he and his brother Edward arrived from Liverpool aboard the SS Celtic. Edward was 20 years old at the time and Adolf was 17; both were single and both could read and write. Adolf did not indicate that he had been to the US before, whereas Edward indicated that he had visited in 1906 and had gone to Brooklyn. The ship's manifest (available at www.ellisisland.org) shows both as residents of Posen, Germany.

He arrived again (indexed as Adolf Fansak) in the United States on 2 March 1909 at Ellis Island NY; he sailed from Bremen on 17 Feb 1909 aboard the SS Chemnitz. He was 20 years old at the time and was accompanied by his sister Olga Fausak, age 18. His occupation was listed as "baker", his birthplace as Janowko, and his father as Ludwig Fausak, also of Janowko. His destination was his brother Edward Fausak at 180 Warren Street, Jersey City NJ. He is shown as having entered the US on one prior occasion in 1907. He appeared to be traveling with several others: in addition to Olga, there were Ferdinand Schinke of Wola Wodzynska (shown as a cousin to Karl Fausak of Jersey City), Peter Sonnenberg, Ludwig Krieger and his sister Ewa Krieger of Mogowo, Emil Fandrei of Biele (also shown a cousin of Karl Fausak, but refused entry and deported), and Edward Sommerfeld.

The Ellis Island records show another arrival on 6 June 1911, aboard the SS Grosser Kurfust sailing from Bremen on May 27 1911. Adolf's name is mispelled Faosak on the ship's manifest; he is shown as a baker, born in Janowko, Russia (Russian Poland). His destination on this trip was the home of his brother Edward on Henderson Street, Jersey City NJ. Adolf is listed as a "Non-Immigrant Alien", suggesting that he had not expressed an intention to remain in the US. He lists his nearest relative in Europe as father Ludwik Fausak in "Bialibord, Russia"; that name is also written as his last residence and again as the residence of fellow-traveler Karl Fichow.

Lastly, according to his naturalization application, Adolf returned to Germany in 1912 to bring his bride-to-be to America aboard the SS Kronprinzessin Cecilie, which sailed from Bremen Germany. The vessel arrived at the Port of New York on 4 Dec 1912; Amalie's name is shown, but not Adolf's

Adolf and Amalie were married on 11 January 1913 in Jersey City NJ by Rev. A. B. Bavendam, St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church. A wedding photograph exists; in addition to the bride and groom, it shows Amanda Fausak, Peter Ludwig Fausak, Lydia Kretschmann, Hermann Fehlauer (?) and several other unnamed attendents.

Adolf and Amalie lived in NJ for a few months, where Adolf worked in a bakery, then moved to Chicago where they spent six years (and where Ottilie, Adeline, Ernest, and Elsie were born). Adolf worked in Chicago as a superintendent in an apartment complex.

The 1920 Federal Census shows the family living at 3036 Leland Avenue on the census date of 10 January; Adeline, Ernest, and Elsie are shown in the home. Adolf is shown as born in Poland, but Amalie is shown as born in Germany.

They moved to a farm east of Bridgman MI in April 1920 and lived there for 37 years before retiring and moving to Stevensville MI in about 1957. Farmland (apprixmately 20 acres) was purchased on 13 Apr 1920 from Fred and Tina Unruh for "one dollar and other considerations".

There is a photograph of Adolf Fausak, his brother Emil Fausak, his half-brother Peter Ludwig Fausak, and his step-brother Adolf Rennspies (later Renn) taken about 1913-1914. Adolf would have been about 25 year of age at that time and would have recently emigrated to America.

Adolf's SS number was 378-38-0979 (issued in MI). He was naturalized in Berrien County MI on 10 May 1928 at the age of 40 (petition no. 1364 and certificate no. 2735478). 
FAUSAK, Adolf (I3)
39 Adolf Rennspies immigrated to America in 1907 with Emil Fausak; a copy of the entry register is available at www.ellisisland.org, indexed under Adolf Rewzlis (sic) or Emil Farzak (sic). They arrived in New York on 28 June 1907 aboard the SS Smolensk out of Rotterdam on 18 June 1907. Both Adolf and Emil listed Edward Fausak (180 Warren Streen, Jersey City NJ) as their American contact or sponsor; significantly, Edward Fausak is listed as "stepbrother" of Adolf and brother of Emil.

Adolf's name was shortened from Rennspies (or Renspis) to Renn some time after 1918 when he was naturalized. His name is spelled Renspis on his naturalization papers, dated 11 March 1918, but some of the precursor documents show his signature as Renn. There remains much confusion about usage of the name. His wife Pauline's probate notice in 1933 shows "RENSPIS, or RENN, PAULINE...."

Adolf appears in a formal studio photograph taken circa 1913 that also shows Adolf Fausak, Peter Ludwig Fausak, and Emil Fausak.

Edward Fausak Sr. related in 1997 that as a small child he remembers Renn, who was a small man and was called Little Renn. Edward recalls that in 1964 his father visited his Aunt Martha in Connecticut and also saw Renn, who was severely crippled with arthritis and spent most of his time sitting in a chair. Ed's father Edward sponsored Adolph Renn when he came to America.

There is a probable connection, possibly brothers, between Adolf Renn (Rennspies) and the Edward Rennspies who Bertha Fausak married in Poland or East Prussia.

Certificate of Naturalization number 12571 dated 26 January 1918 in Jersey City, Hudson County NJ. Wife shown as Pauline, age 31, and children shown as Helen, 5 years, and Edward, 1 year. Address at that time was 38 Laidlaw Avenue, Jersey City NJ. (From grandson RB, July 1999). His naturalization application papers clearly show his date and place of birth, father's name Friedrich Renspies and mother's name Karolina Hein.

Adolf (listed as Adolf Renspis on the Bremen Passenger Lists) sailed from Bremen on 23 Aug 1928 aboard the SS Karlsruhe bound for New York. He appeared to be traveling alone, although this trip coincided with a visit to East Prussia by Emil Fausak and his family to attend the wedding of Emil's brother Albert Fausak. Rennspies may have accompanied the Fausaks to Muschaken, Prussia for the wedding. 
RENNSPIES, Adolf (I947)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I836)
41 After Emma Rosa died, John remarried Ruth Taylor who lived across the street in Hightstown; the couple moved into her house. Edward Fausak Sr. in 1997 reported that John Hazel still lives in that house in Hightstown. HAZEL, John Francis Sr. (I262)
42 After marrying Marion Allen in 1950, they bought the Keen quarter near Evansburg from Wintelers and farmed there for 31 years before moving into Evansburg.

Kurt still retains Robert Fausak's passport from Germany (in 1986).

He worked full time as a production foreman at a peat moss plant in 1986. He was active in the United Church in Evansburg for many years.

Died 3 April 1998 after several weeks of suffering from pancreatic cancer. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered on his brother Edward's grave. 
FAUSAK, Kurt Carl (I58)
43 Age at death 34y 11m 19d; shown as married at time of death. FAUSACK, Johann Georg (I6888)
44 Age reported as 23 in 1930 census, therefore born 1907? PASTRICK, Auguste (I5009)
45 Age reported as 25 in 1930 census, therefore born 1905? PASTRICK, Michael J. (I5008)
46 Age shown as 21 in 1845 on birth registration of son Karól Wilhelm, therefore * 1824.

Shown as a witness to the birth registration in Nasielsk for Jakob Beker in 1850 (reg no. 44, p 213, LDS 1,197,634). His age is shown as 26, therefore * 1824.

Shown as a witness to the death registration in Nasielsk for Karolina Hein in 1857 (reg no. 60, p 87, LDS 0,689,462).

He was a witness to the death of 4-year old Luiza Ziginger (Zeigner) in 1858; his age at that time was shown as 36 (therefore * 1822).

Albert Emil Fausak reported to LEF in 1997 that he met Louisa's twin sister in East Prussia in 1928 during a visit there with his parents. He did not remember her name but said that she lived near Muschaken and looked identical to his grandmother Louisa. 
HEIN, Johann (I1065)
47 Age shown as 26 in 1939 in records of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Jersey City, NJ - presumed to be a transcription error - her correct age about that time would have been 76.

Albert Emil Fausak (b 1912) recalled that Louisa had a twin sister who he believes was married to a man named Rennspies (first name not known). They may have lived in Gr. Schlafken, Prussia. That couple had a son Adolf who was a first cousin of Emil and who emigrated to America around 1907-1908. When he came to America he shortened his last name to Renn. He is shown in a photograph circa 1913 with Adolf, Emil, and Peter Ludwig Fausak taken in New Jersey (original with Albert Emil Fausak in 1996). The twin sister was reported by Albert to live near Louisa in Muschaken and was an identical twin, down to the style of dress. Albert visited the twin sister during the 1928 trip to Germany.

During that same visit, Albert recalls that living with Lousia in the same house were Ludwig and Natalie (Fausak) Sommerfield and Freiderich (Fritz) and Emma (Fausak) Steinhauer. It was not clear who owned the farm. The farmlands were not adjacent to the farmhouse.

Louisa died in Feb 1942 at the age of 80 in Muschaken, East Prussia (now Muszaki, Poland). 
HEIN, Louisa (I17)
48 Albert came down with multiple sclerosis in 1941, and then walked with canes and had limited eyesight. He never complained about his condition or life and was an inspiration to all those around him. LENZ, Albert (I9005)
49 Albert came to the United States at the age of 6 with his younger brothers Ludwig and Alfred, and his mother Hulda, in 1911. The ship's manifest is available at www.ellisisland.org.

There is a baptism recorded on 1 Apr 1905 at St. Matthews Church, sponsored by half-uncle Carl Fausak. This may be a different Albert Fausak.

He was called "Lanky" by his cousins because he was tall and thin.

SS# 055-09-9242 (NY); last res. 13160. His SS application, typewritten on 18 Nov 1936 when he was 31 years old, shows no middle name. His residence at that time was given as 111-11-14th Rd., College Point NY, and his employer as B. Altman & Co., 361 5th Ave., New York NY. He showed his mother's name as Hilda Leichnitz.

Albert and Vera's marriage certificate (number 22812) on 10 Aug 1929 can be found on FHL film 1653838; the records has not yet been accessed (late 2010).

The 1930 federal census record (New York City, Queens County, 2nd Assembly district, ED 41-79, Supr. Dist. 33, sheet 11A) shows Albert and wife Vera residing at 4816 46th Street; he was 26 and she was 25. They had been married for about 1 year, Albert was born in NJ and Vera in Austria; Vera came to the US in 1910. Albert was a decorator in a department store and Vera was a shown as a saleslady.

Vera's obituary in the Syracuse NY Post-Standard newspaper indicated that Albert died in 1977. 
FAUSAK, Albert (I111)
50 Albert Emil Fausak (*1913) was best man at Albert and Emma's wedding when he was age 16; he had gone to Germany with his parents. He took a number of photographs of the family at that time.


(following taken from undated printed material that was apparently an Evansburg town history)

Albert Fausak was born in Janovka, Prussia, December 10, 1901, the second youngest son of a family of 10 children. His family were farmers and Albert learned the trade well.

Albert and Emma married in Gros Schlafken, Germany in Aug 1928.

In the spring of 1929, they immigrated to Canada with Albert's brother Robert and his wife Olga, and their three sons, Eddie, Alfred (Fritz) and Kurt. The parting from the family and the trip over on the boat was especially hard on Emma since it was only a few months before her first baby was to be born.

They stayed at Bruderheim where some German acquaitances were living. Harold was born on June 29. While at Bruderheim, Albert and Emma had to sleep in a granary which they had to share with a family of gophers.

After they lost all their possessions in a fire, the group decided to strike out on their own. They bought N.E. 33-54-7-5 from Mr. Dollman and they all farmed together for several years. In 1935 Betty was born. In 1938 Albert and Emma bought S.E. 4-55-7-5 from Ewald Grapentin and moved over to farm on their own. They all worked very hard to make a living.

In 1945 they were blessed with a second daughter Hildegard (Hilda).

They increased their holdings to four quarters and acquired a full line of power machinery.

Whereas Harold and Betty had to walk to Part Court School, Hilda was able to ride on Justus Otto's bus to Evansburg. Hilda completed her high school in Evansburg and moved to Edmonton to do secretarial work. Harold took over the farming operation when Albert and Emma retired and moved into Evansburg. Albert died in 1974 and is buried in the Evansburg Cemetery.

FAUSAK, Albert (I30)
51 Albert Emil Fausak remembers that Bertha and her husband Edward Rennspies lived in the same house as Louisa Hein Fausak in Muschaken when he visited there in 1928. Emma Fausak and her husband Freiderich Steinhauer also lived in the house. It may be that Louisa moved in with her daughter(s) after Ludwig died in about 1920. FAUSAK, Bertha (I29)
52 Alfred came to the United States at the age of 2 with his older brother Ludwig (Louis) and his mother Hulda in 1911. The ship's manifest is available at www.ellisisland.org.

His WWII military records suggest that he was born in Danzig.

Reported to have died in WWII in Aachen, Germany in the Battle of the Bulge; he was a staff sergeant at that time. Vera Fausak Parker said in June 1998 that he tragically died just a few days before the end of the war; she may have the letter sent to the parents informing them of the death.

RAF recalls wife was named Jane (Janie), and that she remarried.

Info posted on internet: 334th 84th Inf Div, Co L, rank of Staff Sgt, kia Battle of the Bulge 12/27/1944. 
FAUSAK, Alfred (I112)
53 Alfred Mayer came (apparently alone) to the US at the age of 16 in 1922, three months after his mother Julianne entered (also apparently alone). His entry records can be obtained from www.ellisisland.com under the name Alfred Mayer. He showed his nearest relative in Europe to be his sister Julianne Stendel, and his destination in America to be his brother Edward Mayer of Fullerton ND.

Alfred and Luella Hoffman were married in Sutton NE in 1928. Alfred and Luella separated sometime after 1936 when they lived in Jamestown ND.

The 1930 federal census records for Sutton, Clay Co. NE (First Ward, ED 18-25, p 4A) shows the family comprising Alfred Myer (sic), Luella, Thomas, and Norma. Alfred is shown as an alien, having been born in Germany (Posen), and Luella is shown as born in NE. He was employed as a "laborer, odd jobs".

Alfred's SS application showed his birthplace as "Germany (Berlin)". His father was entered as Joyce (sic) Maier, and his mother as Julia Palinske (sic). He was unemployed at the time of his application in February 1939.

Alfred was resident in Fargo ND in Dec 1942, according to the obituary of his brother Eduard. 
MAIER, Alfred (I159)
54 All information about this person and his parents first discovered Mar 2009 at website http://stevemorse.org/russian/ussrmil.html, Database of Russia's Fallen, by Stephen Morse. Transcribed and translated images are available. He is shown as missing on 13 Jun 1942; no location is given. FAUSAK, Siktar? (I666)
55 Alternate birthplace: Zootzen, Gadow, Ostprignitz, Brandenburg as shown in "Germany, Brandenburg and Posen, Church Book Duplicates, 1794-1874" database on Familysearch.org website. Surname is spelled Tausack and mother is shown as Catharine Marie Elisabeth Tausack. FAUSACK, Christian Friedrich (I9356)
56 Alternate spelling Bavankowitz in records of St. Matthews.

Died in car accident with Louis.

At the time of her marriage to Louis (at age 21), she lived at 747 West Side Avenue, Jersey City NJ. 
BARANKOWITZ, Susan Carol (I296)
57 Alternate surname spelling in the US was Braer. BREIER, Christine (I822)
58 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I813)
59 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I851)
60 Appeared to have traveled alone; relative in Europe named as sister Julianna Stendel in Muskau-Berglehn Germany; destination was brother Edward Mayer in Fullerton ND. MAIER, Alfred (I159)
61 Appears on son's first marriage record; occupation seems to be "hollander in Dovensee". "Hollander" is believed to be a dairyman or cheesemaker (ref. Thode). Dovensee was a small village that seems no longer to exist within the "Försterei Devonsee bei Netzeband" near Ruppin, Brandenburg. The site of Dovensee was found on 19th century topographic maps and is at 52 deg 59 min 36 sec N and 12 deg 33 min 12 sec E

Appears on record on son Ferdinand's second marriage as living in St Jurgen, as small place on the east side of Katerbower See WNW of Neu Ruppin. 
FAUSACK, Carl Wilhelm CHRISTIAN Friedrich (I7772)
62 Army serial number was 16045012 FAUSAK, Ewald (I36)
63 Arrived in US at the age of 21 on 10 July 1911 on same vessel as Gottlieb Fausak (spelled Fausach), Wanda Fausak, and Natalie Pletz; the vessel Nieuw Amsterdam sailed from Rotterdam on 1 July 1991 and landed in New York on 10 July 1911. Otillie's name is spelled Reinspitz. Her relative in Europe is shown as her father Friedrich Reinspitz of Obrenki, Plock, Poland. She is shown as having paid her own passage, and came with $42. Her destination in the US was her brother Adolf Reinspitz, 138 Morris Street, Jersey City NJ. Her birthplace is shown as Pomatzna (sic). RENNSPIES, Ottilie (I2895)
64 Art Pechtel was an accomplished concertina player (Richard Fausak 1999), who taught basics to Ernest Fausak.

SSN 337-03-2198. 
PECHTEL, Arthur M. (I678)
65 Arthur Albert Jesswein entered th US at Ellis Island, New York, on 4 May 1921 (record available from www.ellisisland.org under Jeswein); he sailed at the age of 7 with mother Kristine (age 32) and sister Frieda (age 9) from Copenhagen aboard the SS Oscar II. Birthplace for all three was shown as Nowo Kasimirka, Poland. Their destination in the US was Chicago IL to join their husband/father Karl, who had entered the US 8 years earlier. Karl's address in Chicago at that time was 6442 Rhodes Avenue. JESSWEIN, Albert Arthur (I42)
66 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I201)
67 ASM's delayed certificate of birth shows her father Eduard's birthplace as Schadenez, Poland, and Bertha's birthplace as Stavishin (or Stawiszyn or Staweszyn), Poland. She believes Eduard's birthplace was actually Zabinnitz, Poland. Both Edward and Bertha were of German descent and among many Germans who had colonized Russian Poland in the 19th century. Hattie (Meyer) Fausak states that Stavishin was the place given on Bertha's birth certificate.

Eduard and Bertha arrived together in New York 1 April 1914 on the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II from Bremen; the vessel sailed on 24 March 1914. Eduard was 30 years old at the time. Both listed nearest relative in Europe as Julia Meier of Moorschutz, Germany and Carl Gunther of Moorschutz, Germany. Both showed name and address of US contact as an acquaintance Josef Wehr(?), Alden NY. Both showed birthplace as Moorschutz, Russia, which may be present-day Mroczen, Poland (6 km south of Kepno). An image of the entry manifest is available at www.ellisisland.org. Both Eduard and Bertha were subject to a "Special Inquiry", the nature of which is not known.

Upon entry to the US at the age of 30, Eduard was 5'9" tall, with fair complexion, blond hair, and blue eyes; he had no distinguishing marks.

A certified copy of Eduard and Bertha's Certificate of Marriage Registration obtained by Hattie A. Fausak in 1986 shows names Meier and Gunther; apparently Meier changed to Meyer or Myers or Meyers when they moved to North Dakota. Eduard was naturalized on 24 May 1939 (certificate no 4490210) in Ellendale ND.

Eduard Meyer apparently added a terminal "s" to his name (Meyers) in North Dakota to distinguish himself from another Edward Meyer who lived nearby. His birthday may in fact have been 21 Feb 1884 (according to ASM).

Ed and Bertha Meyer moved to North Dakota in response to a newspaper advertisement seeking farmers. They spent over 20 years in Dickey County ND farming and ranching on rented land; when they moved away in 1942, they occupied the large Caldwell Ranch. In Oct 1942, with most of their children already in Chicago, Ed and Bertha moved off the farm. They had bought a flat in Chicago from Fred Wenzel (who later remarried the widowed Bertha), but never occupied the flat--Edward died in Michigan on Christmas Day 1942 before they completed the move.

Eduard's obituary in the St Joseph (Michigan) Herald Press notes that he was survived by two cousins; one was Gustave Kalke of Stevensville MI and the other was Ed Kalke of Paw Paw MI. Eduard's son William Meyer said in 1996 that he thought the Kalkes were second cousins to Eduard and didn't know the exact relationship. ASM said in 1996 that she distinctly remembered the Kalkes as bakers in Chicago, but also was unable to clarify the family relationship. One of the Kalkes stood up for Bertha Meyer at her second marriage to Fred Wenzel. 
MEYER, Eduard (I54)
68 At birth of daughter Elisabeth in Berlin in 1851, Auguste was recorded as "Stellmachertochter" or daughter of wheelwright; her birthplace was shown as Zechlin. FAUSACK, Christiane AUGUSTE Louise (I2898)
69 At the time of her marriage at age 21 in 1935, she resided at 199 Bidwell Ave., Jersey City NJ.

Eleanore L. Fausak
August 16, 2007

Eleanore L. Fausak, age 93, of Jackson died Thursday, August 16 at Bartley Health Care in Jackson. Born in Jersey City, she was a resident of Elberon, Pt. Pleasant Beach and New Egypt before moving to Jackson in five years ago.

Eleanore had worked in the office at Stevenson Corp. in Red Bank and was also a member of the Eastern Star in Long Branch and the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Pt. Pleasant.

Daughter of the late Bessie Codlup, wife of the late William O. Fausak, sister of the late Jean Fairbanks, grandmother of the late Jeanne Marie (Dunn) Viers and great grandmother of the late Aiden Liam Viers; she is survived three children and their spouses, Eleanor and James Dunn of Cookstown, William A. and Carol Fausak of Colorado and Curtis C. and Maxine Fausak of Neptune; her grandchildren, Erik Fausak, Curtis and Nadine Dunn, Andrew and Teresa Dunn and James Dunn and her great grandchildren, Griffin and Connor Dunn and Rory and Sean Dunn.

Graveside services will be held on Monday, August 20 at 10:00 AM at the Greenwood Cemetery in Brielle, NJ.

Arrangements are under the direction of the Tilghman Funeral Home, 52 Main Street in New Egypt (www.tilghmanfh.com). 
CARNIE, Eleanor Louise (I266)
70 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I281)
71 At the time of his marriage to Martha in 1927 (at the age of 23) John was shown as a laborer who lived at 185 Coles St., Jersey City NJ. Their marriage record is in Book 7, p550 of St. Matthew's.

Died prior to 1932 when his widow, Martha nee Fausak remarried in St. Matthews Church. 
DIEN, John (I121)
72 At the time of the birth of her daughter Cora, Matilda's address was shown as 71 Sussex St., Jersey City NJ and Richard's was shown as Birmingham AL. Edward Nicoll (Nickel?) was a sponsor along with Lydia Fausak. FAUSAK, Mathilde (I97)
73 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I414)
74 Attendants at christening were:

1. Johann Westphal
2. Johann Plagemann
3. Gottliebe Nettelbeck
4. Louise Pohlmann
5. Charlotte Stahl 
BUCHHOLZ, Frederike (I5868)
75 Attended William Meyer's funeral in May 2005; lived in California at that time. STEINWAND, Esther (I1366)
76 August Nottebohm was the first city architect and planner in Kattowitz around 1865.  NOTTEBOHM, Heinrich Moritz AUGUST (I6201)
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1283)
78 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I87)
79 Baptised by Pastor Junger of Halenbeck (?). Godparents and witnesses were Mathilde Voss, Frau Buchow, Frau Henning, Wilhelm König, and Otto Dase.
1887 Nr. 3
Meta Alma Poehl, ehelich(Legitimierung) geb. 15. Juli, Vater Otto Poehl?, Bauer, Mutter Ottilie, geb. Fausack, Taufe 18. September, Taufzeugen 1. Matilde Voss 2. Frau Buchow 3. # Henning 4. Wilhelm Koenig 5. Otto Da(?)se.
PÖHL, Meta Alma (I15155)
80 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I96)
81 Baptism: Evangelische Kirche, Militärgemeinde, Lüneburg. PFAUSACK, Adolph Friedrich (I18081)
82 Baptismal record in Polish from 1921on LDS film 1,197,721, no. 59, p. 203; record photocopied and scanned. Witnesses are Edward Look and Heinrich Look; Otillia Look is a godparent.

In the German army (Africa Corps) during WWII. He was not called up at first because he was the only remaining male in the family (his brothers Otto and Emil were already in the army). He entered the army in 1942, and was sent to North Africa
in an artillary unit. He was captured at Al Amain (?) by the U. S. Army in 1943, by which time the war in Africa was over.

As a prisoner of war, he was sent to internment camps in the USA; first Camp Breckinridge KN, then Camp Butner NC, then Fort Jackson SC, and finally a camp in MS. He spent the most time in MS. He sailed from Africa to the USA on an Italian
luxury liner that had been captured by the Americans; he recalls sleeping in hammocks in the former ballroom during the passage. He was released by the U. S. Army in 1946, and was sent to Sheffield, England to work repairing war damage. He
remained in England until 1947 when he was repatriated to Germany.

LEF met Oswald and Eugenia in Germany in April 2000; they lived in the home of their only son Karl Heinz Fausak. 
FAUSAK, Oswald (I849)
83 Baptismal sponsors were Caroline Fausack, Friederike Rahn, and Joachim Rahn.  FEUL, Caroline Luise Friederike (I10703)
84 Baptismal sponsors: August Kohlmetz, Johann Prehn, Johann Lindow, Frau Neumann zu Akerfelde, Jfr. Friederike Schulz JAAP, August Friedrich Rudolph (I13413)
85 Baptized 13 Jan 1852 in Pultusk, Russian Poland. RISTAU, Karl (I2009)
86 Baptized 16 Sep 1875. FREIER, Albertine (I2008)
87 Baptized 17 November 1918 in Chicago; godparents were Reinhold Rossman and Ida Fehlauer.

SS# 371-70-8842 (MI); SS records incorrectly show Elsie having died in Jan 1991(she was still living in 1997).

Died of brain tumor; operation late in 1997. Elsie never married.

from South Bend Tribune, 11 Jan 98

Elsie Fausak

Sept. 23, 1918-Jan. 9, 1998

BRIDGMAN -- Elsie Fausak, 79, of Lake Street, died Friday in Lakeland Continuing Care Center, St. Joseph. She is survived by a brother, Richard Fausak of Bridgman. Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday in Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Stevensville. Friends may call from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. today in Boyd Funeral Home.
FAUSAK, Elsie (I35)
88 Baptized by Pastor Kawel in Brügge. Godparents and witness included Buschow, Dase, Bismarck, König, Voss, Henning (or Heuring), Karst, Genentz, at al.
1890 Nr. 6

Lisbeth Pauline Poehl?, ehelich geb. 18. Juni, Vater Otto Poehl?, Bauer, Mutter Alma, geb. Fausack, Taufe 17. August, Taufzeugen 1. Bauer Buchow 2.Bauer Otto Dase 3. Bauersohn A. Bismark 4. Frau König, 5. Jungfrau Florentine? Voss 6. Jungfrau Minna Henning, Nr. 1-6 aus Brügge 7. Frau Karst 8. Bauer Genentz, Rapshagen 9. Bauer H. Voss, Jacobsdorf 10. Jungfrau Maria Voss, Jacobsdorf 11. Frau Muhs?, H(?)elle? 
PÖHL, Lisbeth Pauline (I15154)
89 Baptized in Dreifaltigkeit Kirche; godparents were Herr Lehmann, Herr Rudolph, and Fraulein Kohler(?). FAUSACK, Marie Adelheid Alvine (I2747)
90 Baptized in Pultusk 24 Oct 1875 RISTAU, Efraim (I2007)
91 Baptized on 31 Jan 1933 at the Fausak farm in Bridgman MI by Rev. Essig of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Stevensville. Godparents were Friedrich Heyn and Emma Nimtz.

Died at age 8 in vehicle accident at corner of Hinchman and Jericho Roads, Bridgman MI. 
FAUSAK, Lillian (I39)
92 Based on information in the Berliner Adressbücher, 1799-1943, there were two men named Carl (or Karl) Fausack who lived in Berlin at about the same time in the second half of the 19th century.

The first was Karl Fausack (sometimes Carl Fausack) who initially appeared in 1864 and was described either as an innkeeper (Schankwirth) or a small-scale merchant (Kleinhändler) with residence and/or business address at Kronenstraße 37 in Berlin Mitte between 1864 and 1878. It is believed that this Karl was married to Ernestine Dietrich or Christine Wilhelmine Dietrich (who may be the same person).

The second Carl Fausack first appeared in 1872; he was consistently described as a Kassirer (cashier) with a home and/or businesss address at Admiralstraße 28 in the Kreuzberg district. He remained at that address until 1886; his wife Ida geb. Hube died in 1874 of pneumonia or tuberculosis (lungen schwindsucht). 
FAUSACK, Carl (I6886)
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I263)
94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I293)
95 Believed to have fled East Berlin c 1961 before the Berlin wall was completed. FAUSAK, Eduard (I5860)
96 Believed to have immigrated to America early 1900s.

Albert Emil Fausak (1912- ) believed in 1997 that there were no children from this marriage, but that appears to be incorrect (unless there are two Louisa Kretschmanns).

The 1930 US census lists Robert and Louisa Kretschmann living at 81 West 51st Street, Bayonne City NJ. Louisa was age 52, was married at age 20 (therefore in 1898, and therefore in Poland), and entered the US in 1910?. She appeared to have been naturalized by 1930. The census also lists a grandchild, Frederick Stueber, age 6 (therefore born circa 1924); the child was born in New Jersey, his father in New York, and his mother (presumably Lydia Kretschmann) in Germany. 
FAUSAK, Louisa (I24)
97 Betty believed by HAF to be alive in Germany ca 1993. JOCHMANN, Berta (I156)
98 Birth and baptism recorded in the church books of St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jersey City NJ by Rev F. Arnold Bavendam. FAUSAK, Emma Rosa (I107)
99 Birth and death information based on SS Death Index - an asumption that this is correct Bertha Semmler. The SS card (number 040-22-3927) was issued in CT and her last residence was in CT.

Found in 2002 an Ellis Island entry manifest for Berta Kunkel *1890 from Ulaski (immediately next to Makow Maziowiecke, Poland, where Adele Kunkel's family were from). Bertha sailed on the SS Berlin from Bremen on 1 May 1909 and arrived in NY on 19 May 1909 at age 19; she was traveling with Helena Kunkel, age 18, who appears to be a cousin, and also possibly with Karl Rinas. Berta listed her mother as Karolina Kunkel; Helena listed her's as Regina Kunkle. (There was a Lena Kunkel as a witness at the marriage of Emil Fuasak and Adele Kunkel the following year.)

Bertha traveled to Europe in 1928, apparently along with her sister Adele and her husband Emil Fausak.

Berta was sponsored by sister Adele Kunkel, 57 Essex St, Jersey City NJ. She was shown as 4' 10" tall. 
KUNKEL, Bertha (I965)
100 Birth Certificate for Arthur O. Jesswein in 1922 indicates that Christine Braer Jesswein had three living children and one who was born live but was dead in 1922. JESSWEIN, _____ (I7605)

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