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Bjornstad, Abel Marcus; 1962; gravestone for Abel and his wife Ida nee Ohl. Fausak nee Jakobus, Emma Emilie; 1904-1997; headstone Fausak nee Wittlieb, Rosine Antonia; 1942; headstone Fausak, Adolph (1888-1979) and Amalie nee Fehlauer (1889-1978) Fausak, Albert; 1901-1974; headstone Fausak, Albert; 1901-1974; headstone in Evansburg (AB) Cemetery. Fausak, Brian Adam; 1987-1989; headstone Fausak, Edward (1919-1936)
Fausak, Edward Louis Sr.; 2002; headstone with wife Marion Patricia Russ Fausak, Edward; 1965; headstone Fausak, Elsie (1918-1998) Fausak, Emil (1923-1951) Fausak, Ernest (1916-1979) and Hattie Adele nee Meyer (1919-1995) Fausak, Ewald (1920-1991) Fausak, Harold M.; 1929-2000; headstone Fausak, Helen Patricia; 1954-1973; headstone Fausak, Helen Patricia; 1973; headstone in Evansburg (AB) Cemetery. Fausak, Herman Louis; grave
Fausak, Karl (1845-1924) Fausak, Karl (1845-1924) Fausak, Karl (1845-1924) Fausak, Lillian (1933-1941) Fausak, Robert; 1940; headstone for Robert, Olga, and Edward in Park Court(AB)Cemetery. Fehlauer, Arthur Walter; 1979; gravestone Fehlauer, Karl (1885-1950) Graff, Natalie nee Koch (1903-1926)
Graves of Lillian Fausak 1933-1941), foreground, and parents Adolph and Amalie nee Fehlauer Fausak in background. Hazel nee Fausak, Emma Rosa; 1979; headstone Hazel, Edward Fausak; 1953; headstone Hazel, John Francis Sr.; 2002; headstone Jesswein, Albert Arthur (1913-1983) and Adeline nee Fausak (1915-1991) Jesswein, Arthur Otto (1922-1997) and Emma nee Fausak (1922-1995) Jesswein, Karl (1885-1964) and Christine Breier (1889-1969) Kalke, Gustav (1875-1947) and Louise nee Gall (1866-1957) Kolm, Louise (c1846-1909)
Meier, Gottfried (1893-1917) Meyer, Alfred (1915-1916) Meyer, Edmund (1916-1930) Meyer, Eduard (1884-1942) and Bertha nee Günther (1894-1954) Meyer, Freda Lorainne (1933-1933) Meyer, unnamed stillborn twins; 1925 Muller, Herman; 1900-1920; headstone Nickel, Edward Earl; 2000; headstone
Taylor, Ann Ruth; 1991; headstone Wilks, Martin W.; 1931; with wife Mary _____ Witkowski, Friedrich; 1996; grave in Baabe, Rügen, Germany Zabel, Heinrich A. (1860-1938) and Elisabeth Euphrosine Fehlauer (1857-1930)